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WITI Tampa Bay Summer Social

We're fortunate in Tampa Bay to have sun year-round, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate summer we just need to do it... Tampa-style. Which means inside in the AC. This virtual networking event is about connections and catching up. However, there is no need to dress up, this come as you are event will feature games, prizes and guaranteed great conversation. Come and expand your network with this virtual happy-hour WITI Tampa Bay gathering

Featured Speaker(s)

Suzanne Ricci is the Chief Success Officer at Computer Coach Training Center. Since 2000, Suzanne has helped thousands of IT and business professionals, in Tampa Bay, achieve their career goals through customized training strategies. Starting off her career as a Web Designer, she possesses over 25 technical certifications and 20 years of IT and training experience. Suzanne is the Network Director for WITI Tampa Bay.

Meeting Notes

WITI Tampa Bay strives to provide content-rich programs and a comfortable socially friendly networking environment.

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