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Mentor Circles Event with a CIO Guest Panel
November 24, 2020

WITI Toronto Speed Networking
September 23, 2020

Innovation Lab: Recruiting and Motivating Talent in Challenging Times
April 17, 2020

TechTrends 2020 and Beyond - This event will take place on-line.
March 30, 2020

Mentorship and Advocacy: Enablers for Equal Opportunity
July 10, 2018

Women of Impact �" Transforming the Face of IT - EVENT POSTPONED - NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON
October 29, 2014

EMC and WITI Sponsor Toronto Women in Technology Event
January 24, 2013

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Recap: TechTrends 2020 and Beyond - Online Event

  • April 2, 2020

In this video we discussed the following:

-How we respond to customers says a lot about our true brand as a company (Kim, Acetronics)
-Disruption is an opportunity for those who know their customers well (Arie, Google)
-Successful organizations will be those who have already been building these muscles of REMOTE COLLABORATION (Arie)
-Women can contribute in a unique way (based on our Emotional Intelligence strengths): communicating/sharing ideas is required of us now; mentorship is required of us now; compassion, nurturing (Kim, Acetronics)
-new realm of connecting "outside of visibility": remote work and social media affords us the opportunity to have a voice and be seen in a way that may not have been possible before in live meetings -- new areas of courage for us
-Trend: democratizing access; open source; collaboration focused products and services; staying close to customers (old reliable musts) (Arie, Google)
-Trends: 3Dprinting, autonomous vehicles, AI, pivots to new products (Kim, Acetronics)
-Trends: AI, Big data, How we Learn (Fawn, IDG)
-Women only get 2% of financiers' backing statistically
-Opportunity to shift on labour: do we reskill labour or hire new labour force now?
-Biggest focus now is mobilizing the virtual workforce, and technology will be helping with the processes and the containment measures necessary (Fawn?); everybody is forced into digital transformations now, called "surviving"
-New emphasis on RESILIENCE in staff and in organizations for survival
-Those who will be successful will be those who have the engines to propel and those who have PASSION to stick with the changes (Kim?)
-2021 will not be a rebuild year, rather a building year; it will be a world of collaboration (Arie)
-CURIOSITY will be a competitive differentiator and key asset for employers (Fawn)
-Key will be "how do we enable learners?"; and "how do we understand the needs of the person right in front of you?" (Jane)
-Vehicle design project at (Kim)
-"Remember that life is only about change, no matter how old you are" (Arie)

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