Web3 Discussion and Connecting

In this session, we will share the vision for the WINS, as well as the objectives and initiatives for the year. But this won't be a one-sided sharing - we want this to be collaborative so we can get your feedback and ideas on the focus areas and concrete next steps to enable us to build momentum for the WINS, make sure we are hitting your interests, and help you with your own goals. So bring your collaboration mindset, and let's have a fun and productive session!

This event occurs the third Tuesday of every month.

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***

Schedule of Events

I. Introductions (5 minutes)

Welcome and thank everyone for joining
Ask each participant to introduce themselves briefly, including their name, role, and one interesting fact about themselves

II. Women in Technology International (WITI) Updates (5 minutes)

Provide a brief update on any recent WITI initiatives, events, or news
Invite any WITI Members to share their own WITI-related updates or experiences

III. Speaker Presentation (25 minutes)

Introduce the speaker and topic of discussion
Allow the speaker to give their presentation
Encourage participants to ask questions or share their thoughts at the end of the presentation

IV. Breakout Rooms (2 rounds)

Divide participants into smaller groups and assign them to breakout rooms
Instruct participants to discuss the speaker's presentation, share their own experiences related to the topic, and get to know each other better
Provide some guiding questions to facilitate the conversation, if necessary

V. Wrap Up (5 minutes)

Bring everyone back to the main meeting room
Ask each breakout room to share their main takeaways from the discussion
Thank everyone for attending and encourage them to stay connected with each other and WITI.

* Schedule subject to change depending on flow of the event