Leadership Team

Nandika Hettiarachchi

WITI Web3 Network Advocate

Nandika Hettiarachchi is a distinguished finance and operations professional with a rich background in various sectors, currently serving as the Director of Finance and Operations at Iconic Hearts, Inc. Since July 2021, Nandika has been instrumental in overseeing finance, accounting, and operations for this tech company known for its AI-enhanced apps such as Sendit and Noteit. His expertise extends to financial modeling, risk management, and the development of token economy models for augmented reality games.

Prior to joining Iconic Hearts, Nandika held the role of Payments Risk Manager at Nations Info Corp, where he developed sophisticated models for MID performance and transaction routing optimization. His work in predictive analytics and risk management significantly impacted the company's strategy in handling fraud and chargebacks.

Nandika's earlier experiences include serving as a Financial Controller at Processing.com, where he directed financial operations for CreditCoin and played a key role in integrating blockchain technology into the company's data systems. He has also worked as a Financial Analyst at QAD, focusing on financial planning and analysis for global data centers.

His career began with foundational roles in IT and lab operations, demonstrating his versatility and technical acumen. Nandika's educational background is equally impressive, with a Master of Science in Blockchain and Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from California State University, Northridge.

Throughout his career, Nandika has shown a remarkable ability to adapt and excel in various aspects of finance and operations, from implementing technological solutions to managing complex financial models. His skills in annual planning, banking, and distributed ledger technology, coupled with his strategic approach to risk and operations management, make him a valuable asset to any organization.