WITI Exploration Community

We're thrilled to invite you to an inspiring evening with the WITI Exploration Community. This special event welcomes Amanda Fornal, the visionary Founder of Founder Buddies and Orange SFM, and the creative force behind the Women in Exploration site established in 2020.

Amanda's journey is a testament to the spirit of exploration and the remarkable achievements of women in this field. As we gather to recognize these accomplishments, this event offers more than just stories- it's a chance to connect, engage, and be inspired.

Whether you're a long-standing WITI member or new to our community, this is a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, share experiences, and foster connections that go beyond the ordinary. Expect an evening filled with compelling narratives, enriching discussions, and the chance to broaden your network within the WITI ecosystem.

- Exclusive insights from Amanda Fornal on the inception and growth of Women in Exploration.
- Interactive sessions to share your own stories and learn from fellow WITI members.
- A vibrant platform for networking, collaboration, and building lasting relationships.

Don't miss out on this unique gathering of minds and stories. Join us to celebrate the spirit of exploration and the incredible women who lead the way!

Featured Speaker(s)

Amanda Fornal- Explorer, Photographer, Diver and Documentary Film Maker.

Amanda has 25 years as a technology professional and business consultant. She has diverse industry experience implementing software, optimizing processes, and executing change management strategies with her company Orange SFM. She is also a startup advisor, board member, mentor, executive coach, and a director at an early-stage startup accelerator.

Outside of her corporate career, she is an explorer, photographer, diver, and documentary film maker. Amanda is a Fellow of The Explorers Club and has traveled to 100+ countries and to all continents. In March of 2020, she launched Women in Exploration with the mission to promote the positive impacts that women have made in scientific exploration, field research, cultural learning, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Amanda is the founder of Founder Buddies, a program and platform for female entrepreneurs to connect with likeminded women.