Write Stuff Discussion and Connecting

WITI WINS Writer's Club will meet once a month where we will sharpen our writing projects. Each month we will bring our current projects - film, fiction, non-fiction - and we will workshop them together, masterminding our collective genius so we all rise together, both in our craft/artistry and in our professional advancement.

Author your own professional wildlife themed book and become a published author. Enhance how society perceives you. We have fun and get things done! Learn the detailed elements of authorship. You will be guided step-by-step to author your own professional book. Your authored book is editorially reviewed, assembled, and published to Amazon, literacy groups, reading clubs, and more. Your instructor Howard Minsky is a published author of more than four hundred wildlife books. Prior to Author League, Howard was co-founder and president of SKM Media Group, a financial services marketing and data company ranked by INC magazine as a Top 100 fastest growing private company in America.

Featured Speaker(s)

Howard Minsky is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Conserve Our Wild, where he dedicates his passion to improving literacy, communication skills, and wildlife conservation.

Howard has been intimately involved with content creation, sales, software development, and behavioral marketing, for two decades. His strengths include the ability to synthesize diverse talents to achieve maximum benefit for the customer and company. His background in entrepreneurship, marketing technology, and sales provides a solid foundation to identify business opportunities and create profitable businesses. Howard believes organizations which possess a strong team environment are best equipped to anticipate challenges for short- and long-term success. He is a highly effective communicator, published author, enthusiastic innovator, and behavioral marketing expert.

Schedule of Events

I. Introductions (5 minutes)

Welcome and thank everyone for joining
Ask each participant to introduce themselves briefly, including their name, role, and one interesting fact about themselves

II. Women in Technology International (WITI) Updates (5 minutes)

Provide a brief update on any recent WITI initiatives, events, or news
Invite any WITI Members to share their own WITI-related updates or experiences

III. Speaker Presentation (25 minutes)

Introduce the speaker and topic of discussion
Allow the speaker to give their presentation
Encourage participants to ask questions or share their thoughts at the end of the presentation

IV. Breakout Rooms (2 rounds)

Divide participants into smaller groups and assign them to breakout rooms
Instruct participants to discuss the speaker's presentation, share their own experiences related to the topic, and get to know each other better
Provide some guiding questions to facilitate the conversation, if necessary

V. Wrap Up (5 minutes)

Bring everyone back to the main meeting room
Ask each breakout room to share their main takeaways from the discussion
Thank everyone for attending and encourage them to stay connected with each other and WITI.

* Schedule subject to change depending on flow of the event