The WITI Strategist
March 13, 2003
The newsletter for women who consider technology
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WITI at International Museum of Women

The Power of Role Models

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The WITI Strategist

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This edition of the Strategist is sponsored by Microsoft

How far will you GO?
Imagine having the resources to impact tomorrow's reality today and having fun while you do it? That's Microsoft. People here love their work because they get to think big and dream big. Right now, we're looking for the next generation of Microsoft innovators in our Sales, Marketing and Services group. People with the talent, passion, and pride to take technology to the next level. We invite you to get an inside view of our world. It's a fun, challenging environment. One powered by innovative people a lot like you!


WITI at International Museum of Women

WITI is proud to host this members-only wine and cheese reception followed by a docent led tour on April 10th from 5 to 8 pm.

The WOW Exhibit is 177 pieces of artwork by women from 177 countries around the world who responded to curator Claudia DeMonte's question "What image represents woman?" Each work is approximately eight inches (20cm) square. Works will be presented in thematic sections.

The exhibit will run for five weeks as an integral part of San Francisco's annual recognition of March as Women's History Month. During this exhibit, docents will lead tours with interactive emphasis around selected paintings that illustrate themes, such as women's rights, work, artistic inspiration, and societal reflections of the female ideal.

This event is open to all WITI Members and WITI Small Business Members. To become a WITI Member: or call: 800.334.9484. For information on WITI Small Business Membership:

Winning Government Contracts (Members-Only Event)

How often do you have the opportunity to bid on Government Contracts, of any size, and have that agency show you hands-on, how-to respond to their RFPs?

Learn how to help your small business win government contracts at a COMPLIMENTARY workshop hosted by the Metropolitan Water District.

You can find more information about this workshop at:

The Power of Role Models - by Carolyn Leighton
As I grew up, I had the wonderful fortune to have a mother who lived, breathed and, most importantly, modeled, positive thinking. To her very core, my mother, Ida, truly believed that there is a silver lining to every cloud, every problem presents an opportunity, adversity is the strength of man, and sunshine will always follow the darkest storm. My mom was way ahead of her time and, definitely, did not fit anyone's stereotype.

She graduated University of Michigan Phi Beta Kappa, in the 20's, built a retail shoe business with my father (whom she met at U of M) and chose to have 11 children. Maybe because mother's real dream was to be a writer and my father's dream to be a lawyer, they built their business so differently.

If you want to read more, go to:

WITI Fast Track Magazine

In partnership with CMP Media, WITI's Fast Track Magazine will be distributed to 100,000 women in technology, as an insert in Information Week, Optimize and Network Computing. Additionally it will be distributed at several industry events including Network+Interop and Comdex.

The First issue's feature story is Women In Security.

CMP is offering charter advertising rates if you respond by March 21, 2003. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Attention Members, Partners and Sponsors!!

Last month we asked for stories. And we got them!
Wonderful stories from passionate members and supporters of WITI. We'd like to hear more .... if you have benefited from WITI, if you believe in WITI, if you have been inspired by WITI .... we want to hear from you.

Have you built an important network connection through WITI?
Found a mentor - or become one?
Been empowered with knowledge/skills that helped you beat the odds?
Gotten the job interview - or job - of your life?
Been inspired to change your direction, your dream, or start a business?

Select stories will be rolled into an exciting marketing campaign featuring members, partners, and sponsors whose lives and careers have been changed because of WITI. This is great exposure for you ... and great exposure for WITI ... in major publication print ads, the WITI newsletters, and our website.

So, tell us how and when WITI has made a difference in your professional or personal life. Please be specific. Send your name, title, contact info, company and digital photo (if available) to [email protected]. If selected to participate, WITI will ask you to sign a release and to provide a digital photo (photo guidelines will be provided), as well as be available for a telephone interview.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tell Us What You Need To Build Your Personal and Business Wealth

Please take 10 minutes to complete a survey at Everyone--member or not--is invited to participate. We'll use your answers to:

  • Discover your interest in working with a high-profile female financial expert, who has been featured on Oprah and ABC;
  • Design a program that meets your stated needs at reasonable fees;
  • Consider adding a program to make WITI more rewarding for you--personally and professionally!

    Thanks for completing the survey; we really want and appreciate your answers.

    Enhance Your IT Skills! Sign up at

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    26 beginning to advanced level courses are still available.

    Web Animation with Flash 5, Advanced Macromedia Flash 5, Photoshop Level 1, and other courses start as early as March 17th.

    Register today at Members click here to go to your member control panel for your promo code to get up to 35% savings on all courses.

    Chapter Spotlight - Meet Andrea Hough, Charlotte
    Andrea Hough is currently the Regional Chapter Director of WITI Charlotte.

    I recently learned that exclusion is the impetus for groups being formed, and my story certainly validates this theory. It was late last fall when the 4th Quarter edition of our local Chamber of Commerce publication was released. On the front cover were three white men with their arms crossed leaning on one another in very confident poses with a headline that read, 'IT is where it is at.' I was a little disturbed by the photo not having any diversity representation but disregarded my concern to read the article. The cover story was written by Lee McCracken.

    Lee writes a lengthy piece on how technologically savvy our city is and sites seven (7) centers of excellence to support the theory that IT is where it is at in Charlotte, NC, all were men. The story boasts of the millions of miles of cable running beneath our city streets and that our NFL stadium is the most technologically gifted venue within the league and, still, no mention of women. I was very put out that not only were women not included in the cover photo, but no mention of women throughout this entire piece. I began to think, were there no women in technology that Lee could have used to validate the point? Or did they just not know where to find us?

    So, I called Lee to ask these questions. When I asked for Lee the receptionist replies, "She is not available, may I take a message?" I am appalled that a woman would exclude other women. This was the defining moment that I realized that we needed an identity group. We needed to have a presence in our community that could provide credible testimony, a support system for other women in our industry and outreach to educate and develop those that enter our field after us. We are delighted to have received our chapter designation in late 2002. At our inaugural chapter meeting in January we had over 150 attendees, 20 of who drove over 90 minutes to attend. We are delighted with the support and look forward to building a strong and meaningful WITI organization.

    Andrea Hough, a graduate of Central Michigan University, is the Co-Managing Director of FirstPlace Division of Wachovia Corporation, managing IT related contract needs. Andrea is married with two children.

    Company/Job Spotlight
    Every issue of the WITI Strategist will feature a Job Spotlight. If you want to get in front of companies, specifically looking for women in technology, post your resume for free in WITI4HIRE:

    Company Spotlight
    Capital One
    - Superheroes wanted. (We'll supply the cape.) Everyday people performing superhuman tasks - it's something you don't see very often. At Capital One, we witness it every day.

    Job Spotlight
    Mobius Management Systems
    Software Engineer

    Software Engineer with strong C++ and Java development skills in a Windows and UNIX environment.

    Looking For A Job?
    Because of WITI'S new relationship with CMP Media, WITI will reach hundreds of thousands more people in business and technology. More employers are signing on daily to search the WITI4HIRE resume database and to post new jobs.

    To connect with this market, you don't have to be a WITI member to post your credentials (FOR FREE) or to look at the job opportunites in WITI4HIRE -

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    Chapter Meetings

    Scheduled Meetings:

    WITI Thames Valley, UK -- The 10 Commandments of Presentations & Making Yourself Heard
    Wednesday, March 19

    WITI Silicon Valley -- Wine tasting, Tour and Bottling
    Thursday, March 20

    WITI Denver -- Inventions and Patents
    Thursday, March 27

    WITI Charlotte -- Women & Technology
    Tuesday, April 1

    WITI North Bay - Optimizing change: Discover Your Inner Tool-kit for Personal Transformation
    Tuesday, April 8

    WITI Atlanta - Beyond Taxes- Network for Success
    Wednesday, April 16

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    WITI Opportunities

    WITI Sales Directors
    Sales Directors will be assigned territories in which to identify and contact corporations, government agencies, and NGOs to sell WITI products and services. Products include corporate memberships, conference sponsorships, and WITI Fast Track advertising.

    Sales Directors exemplify the WITI brand: they build relationships with their target market and present opportunities for their customer to sell, recruit, and build relationships with the WITI demographic; they have excellent sales, writing, and presentation skills, and good contacts in their regions. Above all, SDs will champion the WITI core values of leadership, mentorship, and supportiveness in all of their endeavors. Specifically, we need SD candidates to embrace the following Objectives and meet all or most of the following Requirements.

    For more info...

    WITI is Seeking Strategic Partner Directors
    WITI is seeking executive women with successful relationship building experience interested in working with WITI as a Strategic partner Director throughout the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Australia. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their resumes to Carolyn Grossman, WITI's Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

    [email protected]

    WITI Internship
    WITI has several internship opportunities available in the areas of journalism/writing, administrative, marketing, and event planning. Resumes are currently being accepted and can be sent to: [email protected]. Please send resume and cover letter as Microsoft Word attachments. Complete position descriptions can be found at

    WITI Chapter Directors
    WITI is currently looking for Regional Chapter Directors. Launching and operating a WITI Chapter can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. WITI Chapters provide women unique opportunities to develop professionally and personally through shared experiences and networking. As a WITI Chapter Director you will have the opportunity to create a platform for women involved in technology, to share their knowledge, inspire and support each other, expand their business contacts, and improve their skills. You will interact directly with some of the most exciting professional women who will speak at WITI Chapter meetings, and you will experience the satisfaction of creating a network of women who will support each other to excel in technology. Chapter leadership requires dedication and a personal commitment of time and effort. If you embrace and disseminate WITI's core values, and if you are ready to make a commitment to supporting and advancing women in technology, the WITI Professional Association will work with you to ensure the success of your Chapter. To receive more information and an application please contact our Executive Director, Shannon Lemmon ([email protected])

    WITI is continuing its global expansion and seeking the following candidates:

      Membership Director
      Chapter Directors (link for application)
      Worldwide Membership Director
      Strategic Partner Directors
      Account Executives

    If you are interested in being considered for any of the above positions, please e-mail your resumes to:

    Chapter Directors: [email protected]
    All others: [email protected] - please reference one of the job titles above in your heading.

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