The WITI Strategist
Feb. 5, 2003
The newsletter for women who consider technology
central to their businesses, careers, professions.

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New WITI Promotional Campaign - featuring YOU!

Women in Security

Winning Government contracts

Chapter Spotlight - Yvonne Brown

WITI4Hire Company/Job Spotlight

Looking For A Job?

60 Product Launches at Demo

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Chapter Meetings

WITI Opportunities

The WITI Strategist

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New WITI Promotional Campaign - featuring YOU!
WITI is rolling out a new marketing campaign, "WITI Women," featuring members and partners whose lives and careers have been changed through their association with WITI. The backbone of the campaign is a series of member profiles, with photos and testimonials, that will be featured in print ads in major business and technology publications, in the WITI newsletter, and on the WITI website. If you have benefited from WITI, if you believe in WITI, we want to hear from you. If you're selected for the campaign, it will create some wonderful visibility for you and your company. So please, let us hear from you what WITI has meant to you and your career - send the following information to [email protected]

    1. Your name, title, company
    2. Contact info: E-mail and phone
    3. In your own words, tell us how WITI has helped you, personally or professionally - that is, you made an important network connection at a WITI conference, developed an important relationship, found a job (or job candidate) through WITI4hire, opened doors to new business, and so forth.

Please note that, if you are asked to participate in the campaign, WITI will ask you to sign a release and to provide a digital photo of yourself, preferably at your place of work.

Preference will be given to early submissions.

Women in Security
The first issue of WITI Fast Track published by CMP Media, "Women in Security" will feature one of the most powerful women in software security, Oracle CSO, Mary Ann Davidson.

Mary Ann Davidson will also be a keynote at WITI's Silicon Valley Conference, "Women Leading Reinvention and Innovation for Technology Themselves, Their Companies" June 24, 25th at the new San Jose Marriott.

For more information about WITI Fast Track, the WITI Silicon Valley Conference or the Women in Security SIG, go to

Winning Government Contracts - Free to WITI Members
How many times have you spent your time attending an event that advertised connections to government contracts, only to find a "meat market" environment, with few, if any results. WITI's "Winning Government Contracts" program is designed to do the opposite.

Launched on December 12th with the Southern California Metro District, the next event will identify specific requirements available NOW for contract awards, work with you to successfully complete the application, and certify you as a woman owned business owner on the spot. This is free to WITI members. WITI plans to roll out this program with other partners in other cities:

For more information or to register, go to:

If you are interested in partnering with WITI to offer a similar event in your city, please contact: [email protected]

CHAPTER SPOTLIGHT - Yvonne Brown, WITI Chicago
Yvonne Frances Brown, Chicago Chapter Regional Director, whose powerful and insightful principles of self-creation continue to enrich the lives of all who meet her, is an internationally recognized speaker, author and coach of personal motivation, inspiration and human potential empowerment. Yvonne teaches how to attain personal greatness by taking control of your own destiny and choosing your own future. Founder of Ball of Gold Corporation and JAD Communications International, Yvonne is the author of "Self Creation: 10 Powerful Principles For Changing Your Life", written to help you identify your strengths, energize your life, take control of your future, and understand how to turn crisis into a gateway to adventure.

For more information, go to:

To purchase the book, go to:

Every issue of the WITI Strategist will feature a Job Spotlight. If you want to get in front of companies, specifically looking for women in technology, post your resume for free in WITI4HIRE:

Company Spotlight
H&R Block
- H&R Block, a progressive company dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives by serving as their tax and financial partner

Job Spotlight
Executive Director, Collegis, Seattle, WA

We need a very well rounded individual with good leadership and project management skills who can work with a variety of academic and administrative staffs.

Looking For A Job?
Because of WITI'S new relationship with CMP Media, WITI will reach hundreds of thousands more people in business and technology.

To connect with this market, you don't have to be a WITI member to post your credentials (FOR FREE) or to look at the job opportunites in WITI4HIRE -

60 Product Launches at DEMO 2003 you can't afford to miss...
DEMO is the only conference focused exclusively on the world's most promising tech developments, delivering the expertise you rely on, and the technology picks that will affect the way you do business.

To register:
DEMO 2003: The Future Begins Here
February 16-18
Scottsdale, Arizona

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    Chapter Meetings

    Scheduled Meetings:

    WITI Silicon Valley
    Wednesday, February 12

    WITI Louisiana
    Wednesday, February 12

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    Wednesday, February 19

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    Wednesday, February 26

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    Sales Directors will be assigned territories in which to identify and contact corporations, government agencies, and NGOs to sell WITI products and services. Products include corporate memberships, conference sponsorships, and WITI Fast Track advertising.

    Sales Directors exemplify the WITI brand: they build relationships with their target market and present opportunities for their customer to sell, recruit, and build relationships with the WITI demographic; they have excellent sales, writing, and presentation skills, and good contacts in their regions. Above all, SDs will champion the WITI core values of leadership, mentorship, and supportiveness in all of their endeavors. Specifically, we need SD candidates to embrace the following Objectives and meet all or most of the following Requirements.

    For more info...

    WITI is Seeking Strategic Partner Directors
    WITI is seeking executive women with successful relationship building experience interested in working with WITI as a Strategic partner Director throughout the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Australia. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their resumes to Carolyn Grossman, WITI's Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

    [email protected]

    WITI Internship
    WITI has several internship opportunities available in the areas of journalism/writing, administrative, marketing, and event planning. Resumes are currently being accepted and can be sent to: [email protected]. Please send resume and cover letter as Microsoft Word attachments. Complete position descriptions can be found at

    WITI Chapter Directors
    WITI is currently looking for Regional Chapter Directors. Launching and operating a WITI Chapter can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. WITI Chapters provide women unique opportunities to develop professionally and personally through shared experiences and networking. As a WITI Chapter Director you will have the opportunity to create a platform for women involved in technology, to share their knowledge, inspire and support each other, expand their business contacts, and improve their skills. You will interact directly with some of the most exciting professional women who will speak at WITI Chapter meetings, and you will experience the satisfaction of creating a network of women who will support each other to excel in technology. Chapter leadership requires dedication and a personal commitment of time and effort. If you embrace and disseminate WITI's core values, and if you are ready to make a commitment to supporting and advancing women in technology, the WITI Professional Association will work with you to ensure the success of your Chapter. To receive more information and an application please contact our Executive Director, Shannon Lemmon ([email protected])

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