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April 7, 2003
The newsletter for women who consider technology
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WITI in Washington

2003 NAFE National Conference

Myths and Assumptions - Women's Organizations

WITI launches a chapter in Hong Kong



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How far will you GO?
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WITI in Washington

In recognition of the Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Week held March 18-22, 2003, WITI was invited to attend a reception at the US Department of Commerce featuring NOAA's Science on a Sphere (tm).

This program was co-sponsored by the Commerce Department Technology Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Created as a new educational tool, Science on a Sphere (tm) displays images of the Earth's topography, bathymetry, and past and future weather and climate events.

Suspended from a custom made aluminum structure, the 200 pound fiberglass sphere serves as a 3-D movie screen in the round to display satellite and geophysical data. Its permanent home is in the NOAA Forest Systems Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado but it is designed to travel to school and educational events.

The weeklong event was a collaboration of public and private organizations to raise awareness in the importance of math, science, and technology in education and to help create activities and events to stimulate interest beyond the "pen and pencil" approach to science and mathematics education in K-12. Attended on behalf of WITI: Cyndie Henrichs,Principal/Founder, The Henrichs Group,

2003 NAFE National Conference

Women @ Work - Meaning, Money and Making Connections
Thursday and Friday, April 10-11,  2003
Los Angeles, California

The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), the largest women's professional association and the largest women business owners' organization in the country, provides resources and services - through education, networking, and public advocacy - to empower its members to achieve career success and financial security.

    NAFE National Conference 2003
    [email protected]: Meaning, Money and Making Connections
    Discover ways to make your passion your life's work, get paid what you're really worth, and forge links to make these a reality.

The event will include: KEYNOTE - Gail Blanke
Claiming the Life That You Deserve
Gail Blanke is president and CEO of Life Designs, where through workshops , she empowers executives to live fulfilling lives. Ms. Blanke is author of best seller In My Wildest Dreams: Living the Life You Long For. She will share trends that have an impact on the future and talk about the value of creating paths where we take charge of our lives and follow our passions.

To register visit:

Myths and Assumptions Women's Groups - Victimization and Male Bashing
By Carolyn Leighton, Chairwoman/Founder WITI

The most visible part of the feminist movement, when I started WITI in 1989, was angry and adversarial. With few exceptions, like Gloria Steinem, who took an intelligent, reasoning approach to feminist issues, my experience then was of women being interviewed by the media who appeared angry and explosive when they discussed women's rights and gender equality.

It reminded me of a lesson I continuously tried to teach my children when they would get angry - you can have something very important to say - something that may be absolutely true - but if you deliver it in an angry, loud way, no one will hear your content, only your delivery. I was always concerned that the "delivery" the feminists were utilizing then was setting back the cause of women, not advancing it. Those experiences motivated me to create an association which was not about male bashing or victimization, but strategic and business centered.

To continue this story, please go to

WITI Launches Chapter in Hong Kong
Melanie McFarland Neckmar, Asia Pacific Regional Vice President of Marketing for ANOTO, a Swedish-based company that enables wireless business to take off directly from paper by uniting handwriting with everyday digital communication. With pen and paper, enabling ANOTO functionality, you can send whatever you write or draw to your personal computer, or via the internet to any computer, mobile phone or information bank in the world. This is done with advanced digital camera technology, image processing in real time, memory, processor and communication units including USB connections and Bluetooth.

"The establishment of a WITI Chapter in Hong Kong reflects the significant and positive role women in various leading local and global companies here have toward the development, implementation and penetration of technology within Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. The potential knowledge to share as well as the networking and mentoring opportunities are unlimited due to the valuable and diverse experiences, backgrounds and businesses represented in Hong Kong by women in technology positions."

Those of you who read the book "Clicks and Mortar: Passion-Driven Growth in an Internet Driven World" - by authors David S. Pottruck and Terry Pearce may remember the reference to Storytelling - how it became one of the most powerful teaching tools at Schwab. If you think about it, what more effective way a to get your group engaged and remember a lesson than to communicate through a story. Well, we loved the idea and will provide you the opportunity to attend StoryTelling roundtables at the WITI Conference, June 24-25, at the new San Jose Marriott in the Silicon Valley. To learn more go to:

Share stories that will teach, provide insights, your perspective - so we may be all enriched, inspired, empowered by your experiences. Please send them to [email protected]

Chapter Spotlight - Meet Annette Condon, WITI Ireland
Annette Condon
Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs
Dell Ireland

Annette Condon is an eighteen year veteran of the computer industry. She holds an honours degree in German and French from the National University of Ireland, and a post graduate marketing qualification from the Marketing Institute of Ireland. She is currently responsible for external and internal communication at Dell's extensive Irish operations, which includes three sites and 4,300 employees. Annette set up the local Irish chapter of WITI in April 2002. Her vision is for WITI Ireland to develop into a representative industry-wide group, throughout the country, celebrating women's talent in both the technology industry or in technology roles in related industries, at multinational and indigenous level.

Company/Job Spotlight
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Company Spotlight
General Dynamics

General Dynamics has leading market positions in business aviation, mission-critical information systems and technologies, shipbuilding and marine systems, and land and amphibious combat systems. The company is a leading supplier of sophisticated defense systems to the United States and its allies, and sets the world standard in business jets. It is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, and employs approximately 54,000 people worldwide.

Job Spotlight
Java Programmers and Analysts, Accenture Technology Solutions, New York, NY
We currently have openings at all levels for individuals skilled in the coding, testing and implementation of configuration changes to software applications to meet both functional and Technical requirements. Analysts & Programmers will contribute to any or all areas of application programming and development, testing, and maintenance and support.

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    WITI is currently looking for Regional Chapter Directors. Launching and operating a WITI Chapter can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. WITI Chapters provide women unique opportunities to develop professionally and personally through shared experiences and networking. As a WITI Chapter Director you will have the opportunity to create a platform for women involved in technology, to share their knowledge, inspire and support each other, expand their business contacts, and improve their skills. You will interact directly with some of the most exciting professional women who will speak at WITI Chapter meetings, and you will experience the satisfaction of creating a network of women who will support each other to excel in technology. Chapter leadership requires dedication and a personal commitment of time and effort. If you embrace and disseminate WITI's core values, and if you are ready to make a commitment to supporting and advancing women in technology, the WITI Professional Association will work with you to ensure the success of your Chapter. To receive more information and an application please contact our Executive Director, Shannon Lemmon ([email protected])

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