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May 6, 2003
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Why Aren't the Numbers at the Top Changing?

Reinvent Yourself at the WITI Silicon Valley Conference

WITI Chicago teams with microtechnology/nanotechnology

Speaking Opportunity for WITI C-level women

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WITI4Hire Company/Job Spotlight

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WITI Opportunities

The WITI Strategist

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Why Aren't the Numbers at the Top Changing?
By Carolyn Leighton

Pam Henry, a diversity expert and long time WITI friend in Austin-asked me to review her book that is about to be published called "Diversity and the Bottom Line".

When I read the section I have included in this article about women, the numbers confirmed our perception as to how little progress women have made - especially in the areas of access to capital and moving into the top executive leadership roles - since WITI began 15 years ago.

Pam generously gave me permission to share the information from her book with WITI constituents. It's time to take a long, hard look at ourselves to consider what we, as women, should be doing and,- are not doing to change these numbers.

For more, click here...

Reinvent Yourself at the WITI Silicon Valley Conference
June 24/25th at the New San Jose Marriott

Those of you who have not yet registered for the WITI Silicon Valley Conference, stop to consider what you can accomplish in two days of phenomenal opportunities designed to inspire you to reinvent yourself, your projects, your business, to build better results in your life, and empower you to take risks to achieve your goals. Take a good look at the line up of speakers and events, all highly interactive, all opportunities to meet and connect to some of the most accomplished women in technology who could impact your present and future!. WITI conferences are truly renewing - if you come alone, you are welcomed and introduced to wonderful women who want to meet you, help you succeed, open to sharing anything and everything that can make a difference in your future. Some highlights not to be missed:

The WITI Hall of Fame - every year, WITI celebrates the accomplishments of the most incredible women in technology - they deserve our applause and support - the Hall of Fame dinner is included in your registration package.

The Taste of Technology Reception - after a long day of lively, interactive sessions, we all get together for a glass of wine, appetizers and time to meet each other - what could be better than relaxing with a group of smart women who care about you and your challenges!

Reinvention and Innovation keynotes, panels and roundtables - we know that WITI women do not want to sit through endless lectures - all WITI sessions are highly interactive, stimulating and always deliver new information and ideas we take back with us when we leave.

Invitation only - Executive Women Reception - if you are a "C" level woman or VP and above, you may be eligible for an invitation to a special Executive Women's Reception where WITI plans to launch its Global Executive Women's Network. For more info, please contact [email protected].

To register for the conference, go to

Chicago nanotech outreach goes global By Darcy Evon

"It was a technical marvel," said Nik Rokop, president of nLake Technology Partners and president of the Chicago Microtechnology/Nanotechnology Community (CMNC). He was referring to the International Technology Exchange Workshop held in three Illinois cities and in Sweden last Thursday. Thanks to Chapri Alyce Nogal (WITI Chicago PR, the event was co-hosted by the CMNC and WITI

Some 110 people participated in the event, linked by video conferencing technology supplied by Microsoft NetMeeting and a satellite downlink at the DuPage Flight Center located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/TRECC at the DuPage Airport. Other locations were Northwestern, UIUC and Sweden.

The event featured speakers at each of the locations on issues of nanotechnology. Organized in large part by CMNC International Committee chair Jong Lowe, Rokop noted that their organization aims to facilitate relationships on the international circuit to further position Illinois as the leading center of nanotechnology.

"It was the coolest thing imaginable," said Rokop, "and there were virtually no glitches." He said that a similar workshop involving scientists in Switzerland likely will be organized in the near future.

For information on the CMNC, visit

Speaking Opportunity for WITI C-level women
Information Week is seeking qualified C-level WITI women to participate as speakers in their annual top level business and technology conference, "Real Time Business: Optimizing Business Processes Across the Extended Enterprise". This annual Fall Conference is taking place Sept 21-24th, at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, AZ and continues to draw top level business and technology executives from Fortune 500 companies to network and share ideas. Speaking preferences to WITI members.

Among keynoters are Hyundai Motor America CEO, Finbar O'Neill. If you are a C-level executive interested in speaking at the conference, please contact Bethany Cooke, senior events manager with InformationWeek at [email protected]. Discounts for WITI members are available at

WITI @ ...Keeping you up-to-date on where you'll find WITI!

June 1 - 5, 2003

WITI @ Streaming Media NY--It's a Whole New Show!
Exibit opened on May 06, 2003

WITI @ Risk Analysis Group
Burbank - May 12-13, 2003
Boston - August 21-22, 2003

WITI @ Advisor Technical Conferences
June 2003

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Click here for detailed event information...

Company/Job Spotlight
Every issue of the WITI Strategist will feature a Job Spotlight. If you want to get in front of companies, specifically looking for women in technology, post your resume for free in WITI4HIRE:

Company Spotlight
Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Computer Corporation, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, near Austin, is the world's leading direct computer systems company. Company revenue for the last four quarters totaled $23.6 billion.

Job Spotlight
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Pathlore, Columbus, OH
Be one of the drivers who improves and matures the quality process at one of the most successful LMS companies in the world!

Looking For A Job?
Because of WITI's new relationship with CMP Media, WITI will reach hundreds of thousands more people in business and technology. More employers are signing on daily to search the WITI4HIRE resume database and to post new jobs.

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Chapter Meetings

Scheduled Meetings:

WITI Portland - WITI Hosts Local Networking Event
May 6

WITI Denver - Fundraising in Difficult Times
May 7

WITI Chicago - "Chicagoland's Own: Stories of Successful Executive Women in Technology"
May 8

WITI Atlanta - Selling Yourself in a Changing IT World
May 10

WITI Santa Barbara - What Women bring to the Technology Effort
May 14

WITI Houston - Turning your Personal Brand Into a Life Asset
May 14

WITI Silicon Valley - The Top 10 Characteristics of the Successful IT Leader
May 15

WITI South Florida - Networking, Networking, Networking...
May 20

WITI Philadelphia - "Developing the Medicine of Tomorrow: A Journey into Bioinformatics"
May 20

WITI Pittsburgh - Project Managment Best Practices
May 21

WITI Thames Valley, UK - Leadership
May 21

WITI Pittsburgh - Pioneering Women -- Trailblazers in Technology
June 5

WITI Atlanta - Advancements in BioTechnology
June 14

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WITI Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
Town Hall Event: Melanie Purdy, Project Manager for the WITI Town Hall event at WITI's Silicon Valley Conference, is looking for a couple of volunteers to coordinate distribution of materials to key chapter cities. Looking for women with time available and experience at executing on projects.

WITI Chapter Directors
WITI is currently looking for Regional Chapter Directors. Launching and operating a WITI Chapter can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. WITI Chapters provide women unique opportunities to develop professionally and personally through shared experiences and networking. As a WITI Chapter Director you will have the opportunity to create a platform for women involved in technology, to share their knowledge, inspire and support each other, expand their business contacts, and improve their skills. You will interact directly with some of the most exciting professional women who will speak at WITI Chapter meetings, and you will experience the satisfaction of creating a network of women who will support each other to excel in technology. Chapter leadership requires dedication and a personal commitment of time and effort. If you embrace and disseminate WITI's core values, and if you are ready to make a commitment to supporting and advancing women in technology, the WITI Professional Association will work with you to ensure the success of your Chapter. To receive more information and an application please contact our Executive Director, Shannon Lemmon ([email protected])

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