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June 12, 2003
The newsletter for women who consider technology
central to their businesses, careers, professions.

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Top Companies for Women in Technology

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U.S.-ISRAEL Science & Technolgoy Brownbag Lunch Series

The Role of Men in Women’s Organizations

Women on the Move

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What's New at WITI

New Member Benefit: UCLA' s Department of Engineering, Information Systems and Technology Management Extension programs has committed to a 10% discount for WITI members. For more information about available courses please visit: For UCLA contact information and details please contact [email protected].

New Member Benefit: WITI Authors - Have you written a book? Share your success and expand your audience by becoming a WITI Author! Get noticed by thousands of potential readers with a listing, featuring you and your book, in a special members-only section of the newly redesigned web site. Send the details (the title of the book, your name, your publisher, and a back-of-the-book sized description) to [email protected]

New Member Benefit: Women on the Move - Members have been asking WITI to announce their new positions. So, starting now, in this newsletter (see below), we'll be printing your good news. There will also be a "brag board" on the newly redesigned web site. So, if you are a WITI member and want us to announce a promotion, new job assignment, or new business, please send your announcement to [email protected].

WITI Book Club - Since our announcement in our last newsletter, the book reviews have been coming in, and you will see them soon in the members-only section of our newly redesigned web site. So, if you haven't already, send us a few sentences about one or more of your favorite books, including title and author. Don't forget to include your name, title, and company - however you want to be credited for your review! Send your reviews to [email protected].

New Member Benefit: "[email protected]" keeps you up to date on where you will find WITI partners, WITI discounts, and WITI women attending industry events. If you want a discount to an event you will be attending and/or want to meet other WITI women at that event, just let us know so we can get it for you!

New at the National Conference! WITI is launching WITI e-stores at the conference. Sessions will be held to demonstrate how you can easily set up your web site and market your products and services to WITI women in the WITI Marketplace. If you would like to pre-register for one of the sessions, please contact [email protected].

New at the June Conference! WITI is launching a Global Executive Network at an invitation only reception - if you are speaking at or plan to attend the conference and are a VP or C-level woman, e-mail [email protected] for an invitation.

Top Companies for Women in Technology

The fall issue of WITI FastTrack will feature top companies for women in technology. WITI wants to let companies know how they are doing when it comes to creating environments in which you believe you can thrive and succeed. You can complete this survey anonymously or not - please take a moment, since it is an important part of the work we are doing at WITI - please go to

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WITI Members: Has it occurred to you to take advantage of WITI's online directory? As a member, you can now search for and contact other WITI members. They may be women in your own company you want to meet, working in cities you plan to visit, in jobs similar to yours, or in situations facing similar challenges. These contacts may have the ideas and solutions you are looking for. Always remember - WITI membership is about helping each other - so if you contact someone - or are contacted - please see it as an opportunity to help each other. We deliberately keep phone numbers inaccessible, since we are all so busy and believe it's appropriate for you to e-mail someone to schedule a time to talk. Let me know if this works for you - send me a note! [email protected]



The Commerce Department's Technology Administration is hosting an inaugural brownbag luncheon speaker series on Biotechnology Trends and Policy Issues In Israel on June 17, 2003 from noon to 1:30 p.m. The brownbag series will afford business, government and academic representatives an opportunity to learn about biotechnology trends, leading biotech innovators, and government-sponsored biotech programs in Israel. Leading the discussion will be Ms. Robin J.R. Blatt, Editor and Publisher of the Boston-based Journal of BioLaw & Business together with other leading experts on Israel's biotech sector.

The brownbag lunch series, held in collaboration with the United States-Israel Science and Technology Commission (USISTC), aims to promote dialogue among business sector, academic and government participants concerning opportunities and challenges facing U.S. high-tech firms engaged in Israel. The USISTC, established in the mid-90s, focuses on promoting technology collaboration in priority areas, e.g., information technology and biotechnology, as well as harmonizing of high-tech markets.

For more information about the brownbag event, please contact Saul Summerall (202-482-6809) or Alex Hang (202-482-4566) [email protected]

The Role of Men in Women's Organizations

Since WITI began, we have had an ongoing debate about the role men should or should not play in WITI and other women's organizations. Here are samples (not exact quotes) of both sides of the argument I have heard over the years. What do you think?

Against men's involvement

"WITI is a safe haven for women who are trying to get away from male dominated environments - we need a place away from men where we can deal with issues ourselves".

"Whenever men participate in a meeting, they dominate the conversation and don't give us a chance to fully participate - this is exactly what we are trying to get away from."Click here for more.


Women on the Move

LKE Productions, a strategic events marketing company recently announced the appointment of Janis Crowley to the position of President. As a member of LKE Productions' executive team, Crowley is responsible for managing and evolving LKE Productions San Francisco-based operation that produces an impressive portfolio of technology industry events. Crowley will also oversee the creation of several new consumer and industry events scheduled to launch in 2004. Ms. Crowley was most recently vice president/general manager at IDG (International Data Group) responsible for creating and building a multi-million dollar sales and marketing business unit. A magna cum laude graduate of Drew University, Crowley serves on the Advisory Board of the Women In Technology International (WITI) organization and is a member of the Planning Committee for the Women of the World Exhibition hosted by the International Museum of Women. Headquartered in San Francisco, LKE Productions has successfully designed and produced innovative face-to-face and web results-based events since 1992. LKE's heritage is in partnering with clients to deliver high ROI on marketing-oriented conferences, events and seminars for the technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. You may contact Janis Crowley @[email protected].

(Women on the Move is a new section planned for the newsletter and the web site. Please allow us to celebrate your new move by sending your announcement to [email protected])

WITI @ ...Keeping you up-to-date on where you'll find WITI!

June 13 - 15, 2003

[email protected]
July 23, 2003

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June 18 - 20, 2003

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Company/Job Spotlight
Every issue of the WITI Strategist will feature a Job Spotlight. If you want to get in front of companies, specifically looking for women in technology, post your resume for free in WITI4HIRE:

Company Spotlight
Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Computer Corporation, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, near Austin, is the world's leading direct computer systems company. Company revenue for the last four quarters totaled $23.6 billion.

Job Spotlight
Application Team Leader: on the IT team supporting the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund Controllers group. The primary responsibility will be to work with the Controllers and IT team to maintain and to develop major enhancements to the Fund Accounting System (ABACUS).

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Chapter Meetings

Scheduled Meetings:

WITI Atlanta - Government Contracting - A Beginners Guide (Members Only)
June 14

WITI New Jersey - Becoming a CIO - Claudia Gentner
June 18

Click Here for more Chapter Meetings in your area

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WITI Opportunities

Strategic Partner Directors: WITI is seeking women with strong professional relationship building experience interested in working with WITI in major metropolitan areas worldwide. If you are interested, please e-mail your bio/resume to [email protected]

Chair, WITI Advisory Board: WITI is seeking a Chair of the WITI Advisory Board. Briefly, we are seeking an executive woman who has the time and interest in working with WITI's Management team and the Advisory Board to reorganize and leverage the board to support WITI's goals and objectives. If you are interested, please send your bio/resume to [email protected]

WITI TownHall Volunteers - December 12, 2003, Silicon Valley WITI is planning a major TownHall event in the Silicon Valley, entitled "Women at Bat... Hear how women are hitting them home runs out of the park!" The purpose of this forum will be to discuss how the dimensions of business and government are changing because of the leadership that women are bringing to the "plate". The format is a panel session in a large hall with a satellite feed to gatherings in other cities planned by WITI Chapters. We are planning for approximately 500 invited guests to attend this locally and several thousand remotely. We will run this as a town hall similar to the Tom Brokaw's Town Hall.

The event will be held in the Bay Area on December 12th from 2-5 p.m. followed by the "Taste of Technology" reception from 5-8 p.m. which will provide further opportunity for interactions with WITI women and invited guests.

We would love your help on the committee being formed. Please contact Melanie Purdy at [email protected] or 650-962-0962 for more information or to join the team. Here's what we are looking for:

Panelist Coordinator - Close Invited Panelists. Follow up with panelists who have accepted to get BIO's, make final arrangements, coordinate assignment of WITI board member w/speakers, and brief regarding prepared questions and assist with opening remarks. If you are interested, please contact Tracie Ponder [email protected]

Venue Coordinator- Work with WITI Sales Team to Locate/Close Venue, work with sponsoring company to coordinate A/V with other WITI offices.If you are interested please contact Tracie Ponder [email protected]

Reception Coordinator- Work with WITI Sales Team to Get Reception Sponsor. Work with sponsor regarding number of attendees, food and wine selections, room layout and support WITI facility coordinator and venue company facility coordinator to ensure a successful reception. If you are interested please contact Tracie Ponder [email protected]

Marketing Coordinator - Work with WITI Sales Team to set marketing plan including target media, audience, layout, timing, cost, mailings, invitations, and thank you's.If you are interested please contact Tracie Ponder [email protected]

WITI Chapter Directors. WITI is currently looking for Regional Chapter Directors. Launching and operating a WITI Chapter can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. WITI Chapters provide women unique opportunities to develop professionally and personally through shared experiences and networking. As a WITI Chapter Director you will have the opportunity to create a platform for women involved in technology, to share their knowledge, inspire and support each other, expand their business contacts, and improve their skills. You will interact directly with some of the most exciting professional women who will speak at WITI Chapter meetings, and you will experience the satisfaction of creating a network of women who will support each other to excel in technology. Chapter leadership requires dedication and a personal commitment of time and effort. If you embrace and disseminate WITI's core values, and if you are ready to make a commitment to supporting and advancing women in technology, the WITI Professional Association will work with you to ensure the success of your Chapter. To receive more information and an application please contact our Executive Director, Shannon Lemmon ([email protected])

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