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Aug. 20, 2003
The newsletter for women who consider technology
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Risk Analysis Group is a professional organization of leading security and risk management experts providing integrated risk management solutions to businesses worldwide through consulting services and interactive educational seminars on threat and vulnerability identification, business continuity planning, IT security, Sarbanes Oxley compliance, workplace violence, and more.

Dec. 8 San Jose
Town Hall Meeting
Jan 22 2004 Los Angeles
Regional Conference
Mar 10-11 2004 Dallas
Regional Conference
May 12-13 2004 San Jose
National Conference
July 31 2004 San Diego
Spa Week-end
Oct. 20 2004 Chicago
Regional Conference

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Call for Nominations - 2004 National Medal of Technology

Myths and Assumptions about Money!

Women on the Move



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The WITI Strategist

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WITI's Feature Story

"Are you one of the many women who live an overstressed life in this 24 by 7, do-it-now world? Are you constantly in multitask mode, instant messaging while in meetings, conference calling or 2-way messaging while driving or boarding planes? There seems to be no reprieve as the treadmill perpetually speeds up. This always-on lifestyle may be putting you at risk for a heart attack or stroke. You may think that you're too young for that, or not at risk. That's what I used to think, too, until I had a close call. Here's my story." -Mellanie Hills.

New on WITI Discussion Boards: Women and Health!
We want to get WITI women talking and we encourage you to share your experiences. Go to our discussion board and let's talk with Mellanie Hills about her article "Take Back Control...Your Health Depends on It!" She will be on the WITI discussion boards later this week answering your questions and responding to your thoughts on women and health. Let's build, empower and inspire one another by sharing what we know and supporting each other.

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WITI Works

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Call for Nominations - 2004 National Medal of Technology

Commerce Secretary Don Evans has issued a Call for Nominations for the National Medal of Technology for 2004. 2004 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Nation's Highest Honor in Technological Innovation.

"The men and women who receive the National Medal of Technology are the pioneers, explorers and risk-takers who have pushed the boundaries of science and technology, improving all areas of our lives," said Evans. "Their groundbreaking contributions help in bringing innovative technologies to market, create jobs, increase U.S. productivity, improve public health and stimulate our nation's economic development."

Myths and Assumptions about Money!
By Carolyn Leighton, CEO/Chairwoman/Founder, WITI

Even though my parents ran a business and managed a household that included 11 children, money was never openly discussed, but the central theme as to how they felt about money was silently and powerfully communicated - "money is bad, education is good ".

However, when it came to managing money, my parents represented complete opposites. On one side, my father constantly worried about having enough money to pay all the bills for running the business and taking care of such a large family. On the other side, my mother always spent or gave away whatever she had, believing "the universe would provide".

For more....

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Women on the Move

Maria Fee, owner and founder of Kitba Consulting Services, L.P., sold her business to SPX Valley Forge in June 2003. Both companies provide technical documentation, training, web services, multimedia, IT, and translation services. Whereas Kitba services mainly the energy and manufacturing sectors, SPX Valley Forge provides technical communication services to automotive companies such as Porsche, General Motors, Toyota, Fiat, and Renault.

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Ms. Fee's new responsibilities continue to be very entrepreneurial in nature. Her key responsibilities include:

  • all public outreach (trade publications, speaking events, etc.),
  • growing the international energy practice, and
  • selling communication services to other SPX companies.

Ms. Fee can be reached at 713-586-5344 (or [email protected]).

Women on the Move is a new section for the newsletter and the web site. Please allow us to acknowledge your new move or promotion by sending your announcement to [email protected]


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    Company Spotlight
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    Job Spotlight
    Vice President Of Marketing, GEM Resourcing, Philadelphia, PA

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    September 7-11, 2003 San Francisco, CA
    "OracleWorld is great for networking and establishing relationships with Oracle experts and learning about the latest industry trends and developments." -James Holmes, Java Development Consultant

    Network your heart out. Hear from five powerful executives. Meet with exhibitors. See Larry Ellison launch the Next Generation of Oracle Database and Application Server - all with your free pass.

    DEMO Mobile
    September 17-19, 2003 La Jolla, CA
    Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
    The definitive preview of the most significant products and trends to emerge and affect the mobile and wireless markets -- a comprehensive, first-hand look at next-generation applications. Register Now

    September 5, 2003 Los Angeles, CA
    September 7-11, 2003 San Francisco, CA
    Executive Women's Forum
    September 10-12, 2003 Flemington, N.J.
    September 15-18, 2003 New York, NY
    DEMO Mobile
    September 17-19, 2003 La Jolla, CA
    Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
    Computer and Technology Showcase
    September 17-18, 2003 Atlanta, GA
    AmericasMart, Building 3
    InformationWeek 500
    September 21-24, 2003 Tuscon, AZ
    Streaming Media
    October 13-16, 2003 Santa Clara, CA
    Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2003 Orlando
    October 19-24, 2003 Orlando, FL
    November 16-20, 2003 Las Vegas, NV
    Risk Analysis Group
    Multiple Cities and Dates
    The Women in Leadership and Authenticity Series
    Multiple Cities and Dates
    Gartner's Midsize Enterprise Summit
    Multiple Cities and Dates

    Chapter Meetings

    Scheduled Meetings:

    WITI Charlotte - Meet Gail Evans, best-selling Author, CNN Executive and former White House Aide!
    Tuesday, August 26

    WITI Atlanta - Get Organized so you can think!
    Tuesday, August 26

    WITI Atlanta - Entrepreneurs in Technology - Getting Started
    Saturday, September 13

    WITI New York - Diane Brink - Vice President of Marketing - IBM Americas
    Wednesday, September 17

    WITI Silicon Valley - Five Myths About Getting a Job
    Thursday, September 18

    WITI Philadelphia - Communicating Effectively for Promotion
    Thursday, September 18

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