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June 1, 2004

WITI's mission is to empower women to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformation through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

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National Conference
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June 8-9, 2004

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orange arrow  WITI's 2004 Conference Series

Join us to celebrate WITI's 15th Anniversary at WITI's National Conference on June 8 & 9 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA.

General admission, Executive Program, Hall of Fame dinner, and Exhibit Hall registrations are still available. Register now!

Don't miss these inspirational speakers:

Marilyn Tam, author of How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want and former president Reebok, former VP Nike, former president Aveda, founder Us Foundation

"Marilyn Tam has mastered the art of business by living it. This book will help anyone become an achiever if they follow Marilyn's brillance." -- Horst M. Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda Corporation

Marcia Wieder, author of Making Your Dream Come True and called "America's Dream Coach" by Oprah Winfrey

"Of the over one hundred vendors that American Express uses for on-site training, your ratings rank you as our #1 trainer." -- American Express

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

"The Soul of Money is an inspired and utterly fascinating book. It will change the way you think about money! It is a book for everyone who would like to make the world a better place." -- Jane Goodall, Ph.D., CBE, Founder, Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Curt Weeden, author of How Women Can Beat Terrorism

"Weeden tackles the issues that will allow women worldwide to lead side by side with men and in the process, make the world safer for all of us." -- Marie C. Wilson, President, Ms. Foundation for Women

Shahla Aly, General Manager for Cross Company Strategy and Initiatives, Microsoft

Aly has worked in IT services for more than 20 years, at companies including Xerox, Gulf Oil, IBM and Microsoft. Aly's last IBM assignment before joining Microsoft in December 2002 was as VP of Communications for IBM Canada. She also spent some time as VP of e-business services for IBM Global Services.

Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Conversations with the Goddesses

"The voices of the Greek goddesses come alive on the pages of this book. Agapi Stassinopoulos has bestowed them with an original, contemporary sensibility that will speak to women of all ages and inspired them to connect with their own life forces." -- Deepak Chopra, author of Path to Love, The Chopra Center for Well Being

Complete list of speakers...
WITI is pleased to announce the participation of these amazing speakers and more at our National Conference event. Register to attend today

orange arrow  Out of Opposition
By Barbara Annis

Barbara Annis Many people are unhappy in their work place. Tolstoy felt all unhappy families were different, but when it comes to our working lives there are recurrent patterns of discontented, inauthentic behaviour. Unhappy patterns include quitting and staying, getting caught in the trappings of success and being in opposition - the state I will focus on in this article. By recognizing these discontented patterns, we can transcend them.

Falling into the state of opposition is like falling into a trance. No one consciously chooses this state, it's just where some individuals end up, sometimes languishing there for years. People in opposition don't like how their employing organization works and have the courage to say so. They usually have a story like "In this firm only the bosses' friends are rewarded," or "This group just doesn't know how to plan" or "We always jump on the latest bandwagon, and it always fails. The story line becomes their theme song, and they always find a soapbox to get up on to tell their story. Continued...

Register today to see Barbara Annis, author of Same Words, Different Language at WITI's National Conference on June 8 & 9, where she will be speaking on "Women in Leadership and Authenticity".
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orange arrow  WITI Talk TeleClasses: Transforming your Future!
Do you want to increase your wealth or plan for your retirement? Do you need to learn how to better sell your product or your self? Check out the new WITI Teleclasses:

  • "It's Never Too Late - and Never Too Early (Ten Things You Can Do Now to Catch up on Your Retirement Savings)" -- June 22
  • "How To Get Unstuck" -- begins June 16
  • "Your Money & Your Life" -- June 17
  • "How To Communicate Effectively At Work" -- begins June 30
  • More information is on our website. Starting at $49 for WITI Members, you can't afford not to attend! Register now!

    orange arrow  The Transformative Power Of Questions
    By Jane Herman

    Jane Herman As a Coach I must admit that I have a natural love of big, powerful, evocative questions - the kind that can help my clients to:

  • Increase their awareness and clarify their thinking
  • Shine the light of consciousness on previously unquestioned beliefs, assumptions, and points of view that have unnecessarily closed down their thinking and limited their possibilities
  • Spark spontaneous shifts to new more empowering points of view
  • Help them discover what they really want to bring into, or let go of, in their lives (i.e., create their own definition of success)
  • Create powerful strategies and plans for going after and getting what they want
  • Get into action, and follow through
  • Capture, claim, and leverage lessons from their own personal experiences
  • Questions are a powerful tool for doing all of these things. I find them to be one of the most valuable tools in my coaching tool kit. However, they are also powerful tools that you can use with yourself. Continued...

    Register today for Jane's upcoming Teleclass, "How to Get Unstuck".
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    orange arrow  Diet Wars: Low-carb or Low-fat?
    By Mellanie Hills

    Mellanie True Hills The diet controversy continues. Should you go low-carb or low-fat?

    Continuing to defy conventional wisdom, two new research studies showed that low-carb diets result in more weight loss over the first six months than do low-fat diets, though after 12 months the losses equalize. Being overweight is a significant health risk, so either diet will reduce your overall risk. Continued...

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    orange arrow WITI Marketplace
    Featured Business: Philology
    WITI Marketplace Feature Business

    Building, configuring, and installing new application systems or new technologies are enormous jobs. Business requirements must be defined and negotiated. Application design and development or configuration can be resource-intensive. There's always so much to do and corporate management wants it all done yesterday.

    With so many technical tasks to handle, companies often give insufficient attention to the preparation needed to effectively introduce work groups and management to the new systems and technologies. Philology - the love of learning - consultants fill this gap with skilled human performance technologists, experienced in planning and executing change management, training, and performance support for business users. Philology consultants are skilled in analysis and performance improvement initiatives for IT work groups, call center and customer service personnel, financial services teams, and sales organizations. We have partnered with global companies in many industry segments, including biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, mortgage and financial services, high technology manufacturing and systems vendors, automotive, insurance, utilities, and retail operations.

    For additional information, contact Michelle Halprin, Philology Instructional Design at (805) 492-7032.

    Is your business in the WITI Marketplace? Do you have a special offer for WITI members or would you like to be a featured business in a future issue of the Strategist? We'd love to hear from you!

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    WITI's 2004 National Conference - Register Now!

    WITI's National Conference is almost here!

    Don't miss this amazing opportunity to network, network, network on the exhibit floor. Meet with representatives from companies like Advanta, AT&T, Carnegie Mellon University, Genentech, JPL, Microsoft, Raytheon, T-Mobile, and Sony -- companies who aren't just looking for a handful of new college grads!

    Visit at our "Books That Empower Women" expo and meet authors like:

    • Barbara Annis, author of Same Words, Different Language
    • Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money
    • Curt Weeden, author of How Women Can Beat Terrorism
    • Marilyn Tam, author of How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want
    • Marcia Wieder, author of Making Your Dreams Come True
    • Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Conversations With The Goddesses

    WITI members and non-members alike are invited to visit the National Conference Exhibit Floor for FREE! For more details and to register.

    Join us to celebrate the accomplishments of this year's inductees at our Ninth Annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony dinner!

    When: Tuesday, June 8th at 5PM at WITI's National Conference. Reception starts at 5:30 PM.
    Where: Doubletree Hotel San Jose
    2050 Gateway Place
    San Jose, CA 95110-1047
    Phone: (408) 453-4000
    Registration: $150 per person includes Taste of Technology Reception, and Hall of Fame dinner. To register, call 800-334-9484 or register online.

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    orange arrow  Upcoming Network Events
    June 21 - Austin
    Aw, What the Heck ... Do It Anyhow! Taking Risks Without REGRET
    June 23 - New Jersey
    Functioning Optimally in a Global Environment
    June 25 - Atlanta
    Women in Technology: Setting the Stage for Success
    July 20 - Orlando
    Success Strategies of Executive Women
    July 30 - Michigan
    Where Do We Go From Here? Securing A Future For Our Girls
    September 21 - Orange County
    Unleash Your Speaking Power!

    More information about network events in your area is available on our website.

    orange arrow  WITI @ ...Keeping you up-to-date on where you'll find WITI!

    WITI@ keeps you up to date on where you will find WITI partners, WITI discounts, WITI women attending industry events. The complete list is online. If you want a discount to an event you will be attending and/or want to meet other WITI women at that event, just let us know so we can get it for you!

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