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Aug. 4, 2004

WITI's mission is to empower women to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformation through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

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2005 Conference Series:
Moving Powerfully into the Future
Houston, TX
Mar. 3 & 4, 2005

Taking the Lead
Los Angeles, CA
May. 5 &6, 2005
Silicon Valley
Oct. 27 & 28, 2005

WITI Hall of Fame 10th Anniversary
New York, NY
June 28, 2005

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WITI's 15th Anniversary Membership Drive

orange arrow  The Power of a Network
By Janet Roman

Janet Roman Networking. That's what we are all here to do, right? So, why is it that we frequently fail to take full advantage of resources at our disposal? Are we so busy that we cannot even think straight? (Probably!) Do we need to know what the benefits of networking are? (Maybe?) Do we know how to network? (Maybe not!) This article will hit on all of these points and offer you a "how to" guide for networking.
Continued ...

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orange arrow  WITI Talk TeleClasses: Transforming your Future!
Are you ready to transform your career, your life, or your business? Are you interested in making a career change or starting a business/consulting practice, but don't know how to get started? Do you want to explore what your life purpose is, so that you can create a "Mission Statement" for your life?

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orange arrow  Learn To Trust Yourself
By Jane Herman

Jane Herman Easy to say, not always so easy to do. The good news is, even if you have not trusted your own wisdom and judgment in the past you can learn how to do so now.

When you learn to trust yourself and your ability to make smart decisions, you feel confident, self-sufficient, and empowered. You are no longer anxious when faced with critical decisions and can give up doubting and second-guessing the decisions you have already made. Here are the essential steps in the process of learning to trust yourself. Continued ...

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orange arrow WITI Marketplace
What an immediate impact we could make if each of us decided to spend our business and consumer dollars on women-owned businesses - to find a coach, consultant, software vendor, dentist, conference-call vendor, phone service, computer and so on from a woman! This is what the WITI Marketplace is all about. There are over 100 women-owned businesses in the Marketplace so you don't have to search far to find the products and services you need! Search the Marketplace today!

WITI Marketplace Featured BusinessFeatured Business: Thorney & Associates LLC

No matter what business you are in or what size company, at some point you may find it overwhelming and frustrating to achieve your goals alone. Determining exactly how to proceed, or how to solve the problems that stand in the way, or how to implement the solutions can be a challenge. A Managing Business Advisor will help in all of these areas and will also provide invaluable support to keep you motivated, focused, and moving forward until the desired results are attained.

Thorney & Associates LLC is a consultancy specializing in strategy planning, design, development and delivery. Our company is based on the concept that a small group of focused, top-tier experts can deliver tremendous value and Quality Assurance to every project. We call this approach the MBA (Managing Business Advisor) Factor and define it as the need for more specialization and less generalization that illustrates the integration of all subject disciplines critical to a balanced strategy. We will guide you every step of the way through applied methodologies and processes.

Thorney & Associates is pleased to offer offer a free assessment to WITI members with every contract and 5% off our rate.

Is your business in the WITI Marketplace? Do you have a special offer for WITI members or would you like to be a featured business in a future issue of the Strategist? We'd love to hear from you!

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WIPPThe "WE DECIDE!" National Voter Registration Drive is now a reality!
WITI is working with Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) and Office Depot to ensure registering to vote can be quick, easy and powerful! All 900 Office Depot locations across America have a space in each store specifically dedicated for voter registration and the www.wedecide2004.com website is up and active. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to ensure every tech-savvy and business-savvy woman takes five minutes and registers or re-registers to vote. And we need to ensure that every employee of a woman-owned business is also registered as well. WIPP will use the number of hits to the www.wedecide2004.com website to show the press and politicians that tech-savvy and business-savvy women and those they influence truly are the deciding swing vote in 2004.

So please, take just five minutes and do these three easy things:

  1. Go to www.wedecide2004.com and register or re-register.
  2. Attach the www.wedecide2004.com link with a quick note to your employees, friends and business acquaintances encouraging them to register or re-register at www.wedecide2004.com. Just attach the note and send it to your e-mail address book.
  3. Join the celebration of the 84th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote by attending the "WE DECIDE!" National Luncheons on August 18th. With 21 locations across America, this will be a tremendous opportunity to highlight the gains women have make in the voting booth and in business. More information is available at www.wedecide2004.com.
FREE WIPP Membership for all new and renewed WITI memberships! For details...

Gartner's IT Asset Management Summit and Software Asset Summit
Gartner IT Asset Management Summit (September 20 & 22, 2004 -- Orlando, Florida) will provide practical, actionable advice on how to maximize your IT investments, even with limited resources. Each presentation contains defined best practices and corresponding performance metrics. Gartner Software Asset Management Summit (September 22 & 23, 2004 -- Orlando, Florida) will provide best practices for managing software asset compliance issues, negotiating strategies and contract and vendor management. Plus, get in the mind of key software vendors when they share their latest thinking on software licensing and pricing models and other offerings in software asset management. WITI members receive a $200 discount off the standard registration price! For more information, visit the IT Asset Management Summit website at gartner.com/us/itam and Software Asset Summit at gartner.com/us/sam; to register, call 800-778-1997 and mention priority code WITI2004 for the special rate.

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orange arrow  WITI Works

An Exclusive Network for Executive Women!
- Are you an Executive Woman who wants the opportunity to get together with other executive women to share solutions, access connections and influence top level executives in industry? WITI has now launched WITI GEN for Executive VPs, Presidents, Chairman and Board members who meet GEN membership requirements. GEN Teleclasses, led by Barbara Annis exclusively for WITI GEN members, will begin this September. If you want to be considered for a GEN membership, please complete the application and someone will get back to you within 3 days of receiving your application!

Accelerate Your Career!
- Companies that get it are searching the resume database at WITI4Hire every day. Don't be overlooked! So, whether you are actively seeking a job or just open to great possibilities, add your resume today (FREE for members AND non-members, and confidential too!) to be noticed by companies like New York Times Digital, Best Buy, Altiris, Southern California Edison and GOJO Industries, Inc. Don't want to wait? Visit WITI4Hire and search for your next job!

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WITI Hall of Fame awardThe WITI Hall of Fame was established in 1996 by WITI to recognize, honor, and promote the outstanding contribution women make to the scientific and technological communities that improve and evolve our society. Join us June 28-30 of 2005 in New York City for the Tenth Anniversary Celebrations.

If you would like to make a nomination for the 2005 WITI Hall of Fame, please download the 2005 nomination form. The nomination deadline is December 1, 2004.

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orange arrow  Company Spotlight

LRN Legal Research Network (LRN) is in business to inspire and reinforce ethically aware, responsible conduct and set higher standards -- from the factory floor to the boardroom -- in organizations throughout the world. We enable employees to practice wrestling with legal, compliance and ethical dilemmas so they can make better decisions and take appropriate actions when they count the most.

We help our customers build solutions to take on emerging business challenges, and stay ahead of rapidly evolving regulatory environments. Rather than seek to meet minimum compliance standards, our mission-based approach enlists leading companies to forge a common community standard of higher business conduct and business ethics.

Search for LRN jobs on WITI4Hire.

orange arrow  Job Spotlight

Technology Marketing Engineer / Business Development - Generator Group
Seeking an experienced technology manager to be part of a multi-disciplinary, international team of technologist and business people developing and executing strategies targeted at virtualized platform OEMs, OSVs, and ISVs that align the company's system technologies, business, and industry investments to drive growth. A strong candidate will have a blend of technical and business education and experience, with a solid, broad-based technical background on a platform.

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orange arrow  Upcoming Network Events
August 4 - New Jersey
August 5 - Los Angeles
August 17 - Houston
Celebrate and Experience WITI - Membership Recruitment Event
August 17 - South Florida
Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy!
August 26 - Atlanta
How to make most of a networking event
September 1 - Houston
Women at the Top, the Road to Success...A Panel of Achievers
September 15 - New Jersey
Successful Women Entrepreneurs
September 17 - Michigan
Tips and Tools: Unlocking the Secrets of Career Advancement
September 21 - Orange County
Unleash Your Speaking Power!
October 16 - Michigan
Bring Your Daughters to Breakfast
November 10 - Orange County
WITI - Orange County Awards: Tribute to Leaders
November 19 - Michigan
Michigan WITI Awards: Honoring Outstanding Companies Supporting Women

More information about network events in your area is available on our website.

orange arrow  WITI @ ...Keeping you up-to-date on where you'll find WITI!

WITI@ keeps you up to date on where you will find WITI partners, WITI discounts, WITI women attending industry events. Visit the Members area of the WITI website for priority discount codes for these events. If you want a discount to an event you will be attending and/or want to meet other WITI women at that event, just let us know so we can get it for you!

Midsize Enterprise Summit
Feb 8 2004-Sep 22 2004
Multiple Cities and Dates,
Fortune Small Business presents Go For Growth
Aug 27 2004
Los Angeles, California
Fortune Small Business presents Go For Growth
Sep 9 2004
Orlando, Florida
Gartner Software Asset Management 2004
Sep 20 2004-Sep 22 2004
Orlando, Florida
Gartner IT Asset Management and TCO Summit 2004
Sep 22 2004-Sep 23 2004
Orlando, Florida
Gartner Application Development Summit: The Path to Modern AD
Sep 27 2004-Sep 29 2004
Phoenix, Arizona
Pipeline Seminiar: Boardroom Bound
Sep 28 2004-Sep 29 2004
Washington, District of Columbia
Gartner CRM Summit Fall 2004
Oct 4 2004-Oct 6 2004
Phoenix, Arizona
TECHXNY - New York's Technology Week
Oct 5 2004-Oct 7 2004
New York, New York
Oct 14 2004-Oct 17 2004
New York City, New York
Gartner Presents Symposium/ITxpo 2004
Oct 17 2004-Oct 22 2004
Orlando, Florida
Oct 24 2004-Oct 28 2004
Vancouver, British Columbia
CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2004
Oct 25 2004-Oct 27 2004
San Francisco, California
Gartner presents Application Integration & Web Services
Nov 15 2004-Nov 17 2004
Kissimmee, Florida
Gartner 23rd Annual Data Center Conference
Nov 30 2004-Dec 2 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada

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