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Jan. 5, 2005

WITI's mission is to empower women to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformation through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

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2005 Conference Series:
WITI's 2005 National Conference
Los Angeles, CA
May 5 & 6, 2005

WITI Hall of Fame 10th Anniversary
New York, NY
September 17, 2005

Taking the Lead
Silicon Valley
December 8 & 9, 2005

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orange arrow  WITI in 2005 -- Supporting Your Breakthroughs!
by Carolyn Leighton, Founder

Carolyn Leighton It occurred to me over the New Year's weekend, as I wrote my annual affirmations, that it would be a wonderful idea to start the year off by sending you a copy of the updated WITI Code of Ethics and Philosophy to set the tone for WITI's stand over the next year. I believe it is the WITI Code of Ethics and Philosophy that has always been central to the "soul" of WITI. So, what better way to launch our New Year than to take a stand for what we do believe and share it with others around the world - how powerful could that be???

Continued ...

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orange arrow  WITI Talk TeleClasses: Transforming your Future!
Are you ready to transform your life and/or your career? Do you need help figuring out "what next?" Do you want to explore what your life purpose is, so that you can create a "Mission Statement" for your life? Do you have a Mission Statement, but don't know where to go from here? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please join us for a WITITalk Teleclass. Participants in these teleclasses have made major changes in their lives, after just the first class!

WITI Members: Visit the Members' Area for promo codes to receive an additional $25 off this TeleClass! Register now!

orange arrow  Two Sides Of The Coin ...a lesson in becoming whole
By Jane Herman

Jane Herman Most of us have some awareness of our personal strengths and weaknesses. And most of us believe that our strengths are "good" and to be honored and our weaknesses are "bad" and should be eliminated, compensated for, or hidden from the world. Like two sides of a coin, we want to turn our "heads" up and keep our "tails" hidden.

An incident happened the other day that made me rethink this perspective. During a coaching session I asked my client (a very smart and perceptive senior manager) what she saw as her greatest strengths. She answered easily: empathetic, collaborative, concerned about others, generous, and persistent. I then asked her what she saw as her greatest weaknesses. Here is what she said: empathetic, collaborative, concerned about others, generous, and persistent. My first reaction was to laugh at what I thought was a very witty answer. My second reaction was to realize that hidden in what she said were two very important truths...

Continued ...

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Don't Miss WITI's 2005 National Conference!
This conference is shaping up to be our best conference ever! Highlights include:
  • Margaret Heffernan, author of The Naked Truth: A Working Woman's Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters;
  • Marcia Wieder, author of Making Your Dreams Come True;
  • Barbara Annis, author of Same Words, Different Language;
  • Robin Raskin, the tech-tool guru, appearing at the WITI Expo with the latest tools and technologies for women
Keep an eye on www.witi.com for more information! WITI's 2005 National Conference is coming to Los Angeles May 5 & 6, 2005! Register Today!

orange arrow WITI Regional Network News

WITI welcomes the new San Diego Regional Network to the WITI family! Formerly the San Diego Chapter for Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), the entire chapter will now be part of WITI, and has officially become the WITI San Diego Network effective immediately. This decision was made after the group's parent chapter, based in the Bay Area, made an organizational decision to consolidate its operations into a single national entity, discontinuing localized, affiliate chapters as of December 31, 2004.

WITI San Diego will be led by Carey Harrington, the Director of the Leadership Council and supported by the existing leadership council including Jennifer Beckey, the current Chair of the Council. Ms. Beckey founded the San Diego Chapter of FWE in January 2001. "We are all very enthusiastic about our new affiliation with WITI. When we looked at WITI's vision for women, the breadth and depth of WITI, both nationally and internationally, we felt WITI would be an ideal fit in opening up opportunities for all of our members. San Diego is fortunate to have a strong and decisive board that was able to move quickly in order to provide our members a seamless transition into local 2005 programming," said Carey Harrington. (Download the complete press release.)

Announcing the WITI DreamCircle!
... a unique community where you can dream big, take risks, overcome obstacles, find resources and achieve success!

Join the WITI Dream Circle! Register now and receive:

  • Monthly, real-time phone coaching with America's Dream Coach®, Marcia Wieder
  • Weekly, real-time phone calls with Certified Dream Coaches
  • Weekly Dream Talks with celebrities, authors, and renowned business experts
  • Access to Active Dream Message Boards
  • 24-hour access to our online virtual community of dreamers
  • Discounts on inspiring resources & events
All this is available to WITI members for just $149.00/year. (That's less than $13/month!) Not a WITI member? You can still join the WITI Dream Circle for $250 and receive a one year membership with WITI. Register today!

Don't wait! Invest in yourself. Invest in your dreams!

orange arrow  In Memoriam

Shirley Chisholm Shirley Chisholm, first African American woman in Congress, dies at 80

Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress, was a passionate and effective advocate for the needs of minorities, women and children and has changed the nation's perception about the capabilities of women and African-Americans. She passed away on Saturday, January 1, 2005, at the age of 80.

Born in Brooklyn in 1924, Ms. Chisholm was a New York City educator and child care manager, and she saw the problems of the poor every day. In the 1950s this led her to run for and win a seat in the New York State Legislature. In 1968 she was elected to Congress from the new 12th District. There she supported improved employment and education programs, expansion of day care, income support and other programs to improve inner city life and opportunity. She hired an all-female staff and spoke out for civil rights, women's rights, the poor and against the Vietnam War, advocating for the end of the military draft and reduced defense spending. In 1970 she published her first book, Unbossed and Unbought. She served in Congress until l982 and in 1972 entered several Democratic presidential primaries, receiving 151 delegate votes for the presidential nomination. Her second book, The Good Fight, was published in 1973.

Ms. Chisholm received many honorary degrees, and her awards include Alumna of the Year, Brooklyn College; Key Woman of the Year; Outstanding Work in the Field of Child Welfare; and Woman of Achievement. Upon retiring from politics, she continued her work as a lecturer, teacher and political mentor. She was a sought-after public speaker and cofounder of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She remarked that, "Women in this country must become revolutionaries. We must refuse to accept the old, the traditional roles and stereotypes."

"Shirley Chisholm stands as an inspiration to every human being everywhere to take a stand for what we believe and not let anyone hold us back," said WITI Founder Carolyn Leighton. "She has been a continuous source of inspiration to me. She had the guts to run for Congress at a time - in the 60's - when it was unheard of for a woman, especially a black woman, to take a leadership role in government. Everyone told her it could never happen - she did it anyway and won." (Biography information on Shirley Chisholm is available at The National Women's Hall of Fame and http://nh.essortment.com/shirleychisholm_ruol.htm.)

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orange arrow WITI Marketplace
There are over 100 businesses in the Marketplace so you don't have to search far to find the products and services you need! Search the Marketplace today!

WITI Marketplace Featured Business Featured Business: Amazon Consulting

Amazon Consulting is a boutique consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, California, dedicated to helping organizations increase profitability by effectively developing and leveraging partners. Founded in 1998 by Diane Krakora, Amazon Consulting answers the broadest level of needs, working with both emerging & established companies to design programs that support their channels and alliances. The professionals at Amazon Consulting understand the corresponding internal dynamics, ingrained methodologies, and red tape so frequently found within the corporate environment because many of them come from managing corporate channel programs. Amazon Consulting helps organizations like yours to rapidly develop the strategy, framework and materials you need to make the right decisions for your channel.

Is your business in the WITI Marketplace? Do you have a special offer for WITI members or would you like to be a featured business in a future issue of the Strategist? We'd love to hear from you!

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orange arrow  Partner Events & Announcements

Our hearts go out to all the victims of the tsunamis in Southeast Asia...
Thousands of lives were lost in the earthquake and resulting tidal waves last month in Southeast Asia, and millions are now without food, shelter, clean water, or basic medicines. The extent of this disaster will continue to grow as disease and starvation take their toll. You can help aid those in need by making a donation through any of the following organizations:

Going Direct with DirecTV!
Join the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association on January 19th for a front row seat to hear how DirecTV is building their customer base. Tammy Benedict, VP of Direct Sales for DirecTV, will share many of the direct marketing tactics they have utilized to gain market share, including the benefits of sophisticated data mining to make their campaigns database driven. Learn how DirecTV embraced the "channel challenge" and was able to grow their business, instead of ignoring this opportunity. The session will also cover some of their efforts in Hispanic advertising; this might give you some important insights on how you can cash in on the growing Hispanic market. Reserve your seat today at www.ladma.org or by calling 818-541-1152. This exciting event will be cross-promoted, so be sure sign up early! WITI Members: Visit the Discounts page in the Members Area for discount information!

LinuxWorld LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
Linuxworld Conference & Expo is the world's leading and most comprehensive event focusing on Linux and Open Source solutions. And it's coming to Boston February 14 - 17, 2005! Come hear directly from industry leaders how companies across the globe have achieved higher profits and increased their productivity by utilizing Linux - the fastest-growing operating system in the world. For more information please visit www.linuxworldexpo.com. WITI Members: Visit the Members' Area for discount information.

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orange arrow  Company Spotlight

Verizon It's a brand new era in telecommunications. Verizon combines the strength of Bell Atlantic and GTE to offer a single source solution for residential, business and government customers. Verizon offers a flexible benefits plan that you can tailor to fit your needs including a variety of options for medical, dental, life insurance and reimbursement accounts. We also have a number of work/life benefits such as an Employee Assistance Program, Dependant Life Insurance, Adoption Benefits and in some locations Day Care Assistance. We also offer retirement benefits, including a 401(k) with employer matching contributions, and a defined benefit pension plan. Employees are encouraged to expand their professional qualifications by attending training classes, seminars, and conferences.

Search for Verizon jobs on WITI4Hire.

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orange arrow Upcoming Network Events:

January 6 - Corpus Christi
The Seven Steps to Living a Balanced Life
January 11 - Portland
New Year, New Friends -- WITI Portland FREE Networking Event
January 12 - Los Angeles
Effectively Achieving Your Financial Goals
January 19 - Boston
Women Leaders in Venture Capital
January 26 - San Diego
Pursuit of Passionate Purpose
January 27 - Portland
"Driving Your Own Career" -- Professional Development Seminar Series from WITI Portland
February 2 - Houston
Career Strategies and Job Search Workshop
February 9 - Denver
February 10 - Portland
Network Event featuring Regina Perata (presenter)
February 19 - Atlanta
Whats New for 2005 - Technology and Opportunities
March 2 - Houston
Opening Windows in the Glass Ceiling: 6 Key Practices of Successful Women Leaders
March 3 - Los Angeles
Women's Leadership Initiatives - Strategies for Personal Growth, and the Importance of Mentoring
March 8 - Portland
Network Event featuring Caroline Weitzer (presenter)
April 21 - Atlanta
WITI Mentoring - Making the Connection
April 28 - Philadelphia
Women and the Modern Business World - An Evening with Margaret Heffernan and Friends

More information about network events in your area is available on our website.

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WITI@ keeps you up to date on where you will find WITI partners, WITI discounts, WITI women attending industry events. Visit the Members area of the WITI website for priority discount codes for these events. If you want a discount to an event you will be attending and/or want to meet other WITI women at that event, just let us know so we can get it for you!

Human Capital Management Principles
Jan 6 2005-Jan 7 2005
On the Web
Human Capital Management Principles
Jan 17 2005-Jan 18 2005
Washington, District of Columbia
Going Direct with DirecTV! (LADMA)
Jan 19 2005
Los Angeles, California
Gartner Business Intelligence Summitt
Jan 31 2005-Feb 1 2005
London, Outside US/Canada
Gartner CIO Academy
Feb 1 2005-Feb 4 2005
Tarrytown, New York
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
Feb 14 2005-Feb 17 2005
Boston, Massachusetts
Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit 2005
Mar 3 2005-Mar 4 2005
London, Outside US/Canada
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2005
Mar 7 2005-Mar 9 2005
Chicago, Illinois
Gartner Outsourcing Summit 2005
Apr 4 2005-Apr 6 2005
Los Angeles, California
Wireless and Mobile Summit 2005
Apr 11 2005-Apr 13 2005
Orlando, Florida
Gartner Wireless and Mobile Summit 2005
Apr 11 2005-Apr 13 2005
Orlando, Florida
Gartner CIO Academy
Apr 12 2005-Apr 15 2005
London, Outside US/Canada
Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit
Apr 18 2005-Apr 20 2005
Los Angeles, California
Gartner Wireless and Mobile Summit 2005
Apr 18 2005-Apr 19 2005
London, Outside US/Canada
Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit
Apr 20 2005-Apr 21 2005
Los Angeles, California
C3 Expo (Corporate & Channel Computing Expo)
Jun 28 2005-Jun 30 2005
New York, New York

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