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Jan 26, 2006

Founded in 1989, WITI is the leading trade association for professional tech-savvy women worldwide and is committed to providing every tool, resource, and connection you need to thrive and succeed in your business, profession, and career.

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Accenture, where every challenge is an opportunity, is looking for talented, technology oriented women to join our team. The advancement of women is a priority for our company. Our flexible work environment, our innovative teams, our continuous growth are all good reasons to check us out. We may have the right opportunity for you.

2005 Conference Series:
Taking the Lead
San Diego
February 13 & 14, 2006

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WITI's San Diego Conference

orange arrow  Women In Technology Can Work Part Time
By Karen Steede Terry

Karen Steede Terry Many career-oriented women say they would like to work part-time, especially after having a baby, but given our fast-paced and busy lives, is it really realistic?

I say yes. Most women with experience in a professional occupation or high-tech career can quit a full-time job to go out on their own. In as little as two years, you can build a part-time business, in order to have a more flexible and satisfying life.

Continued ...

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orange arrow  Personal Rebranding Lessons
By Nina Burokas

Nina Burokas I've been a woman of leisure (read: unemployed) for several months now and, frankly, it doesn't suit me. I'm a high energy/high action person and being sidelined has been frustrating. My frustration peaked recently while working on an exercise in the Reach Branding Club curriculum. A former Inc. 500 marketer, my objective was to reposition my brand to transition back into software marketing after five years in technology sales. The rebranding process consisted of two primary phases: brand development and brand communication. From a communications standpoint, my objective was to establish an online presence to differentiate myself from my competition and extend my reach beyond Southern California.

Continued ...

Nina, as a WITI Member, submitted this article to WITI for publication. Do you have expertise to share? WITI gladly accepts submissions for publication. For more information or to make a submission, please visit the Members' Area.

orange arrow  WITI Talk TeleClasses:
Are you ready to transform your life and/or your career, but need help figuring out "what next?" Do you know that there must be "more to life," but you aren't sure how to go about finding it? Do you want to join the journey to financial success by making a commitment to uncover and eliminate unconscious barriers to your success? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please join us for a WITITalk Teleclass. Participants in these teleclasses have made major changes in their lives, after just the first class!

orange arrow  Seeking High Technology and Life Sciences Entrepreneurs!
WITI San Diego presents: Venture Connections, Monday, February 13, 2006

Are you an emerging growth high technology or life sciences company seeking equity funding for your company? If so, apply to present your company at Venture Connections, an invitation only, venture conference being held in San Diego, California, on Monday, February 13, 2006.

Venture Connections is an invitation only, separate track of the Technology Summit. It features structured networking between entrepreneurs in technology and life sciences companies and capital providers (venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity funds and other capital providers representing billions of available financing), in one room! It would take months of meetings and a gold-plated rolodex to match the breadth and depth of financing options available in one room at the Technology Summit!

Entrepreneurs (women and men) who are founders or CEO's of high technology and life sciences companies that are currently seeking additional rounds of financing are encouraged to apply to participate in Venture Connections.

Applicant companies will be asked to submit an executive summary for consideration and review. If approved, the applicant company will be asked to submit a full business plan.

For more information or to submit an application: www.witi.com/sdvc, or contact: Jennifer Beckey, tel: 858.344.3825, or email: [email protected].

orange arrow  Live Longer, Through Simple Steps
By Mellanie Hills

Mellanie Hills Have your New Year's resolutions truly impacted your life, or are they now just a distant memory? After the holidays, did your everyday life get in the way?

Did you plan to lose weight, start a fitness program, or quit smoking? It's hard to stick with large, audacious goals day-by-day. Perhaps you can think in terms of "Total Health," and take baby steps to get there. Each day, do something for your health, and by the end of the year, you will have made a major overall impact.


orange arrow  WITI Member conducting research: "Does the CEO/CIO Disconnect still exist?"
The disconnect theory was first coined by Charles Wang in his book Techno-Vision. The nineties were filled with studies purporting strategic alignment. The CEO and CIO have to be on the same page. Information technology is a support function of the business and should not be perceived as just a cost center. CIOs were to join ranks of the other C level executives in the high level organizational strategic planning sessions. But around 1998 the disconnect disappears from the literature. The hot topics are eCommerce and the dotcoms. But did the disconnect disappear with the absence of reference in the literature? This research study will examine whether or not the disconnect still exists using Dr. Jerry Luftman's Strategic Alignment Maturity Assessment model. To participate in this survey, please visit http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB224WHQS7XT8. The survey is completely anonymous.

orange arrow  Looking for your next big opportunity?
Add your resume (confidentially if you wish) to WITI 4HIRE today!

orange arrow  Women on the Move

Priya Sarathy Priya Sarathy joins IBM's Marketing Intelligence Center for Excellence

Priya Sarathy, current director of WITI's Atlanta Network, has taken up the position of a Senior Analytic Strategist with IBM's Marketing Intelligence Center for Excellence. Priya, an analytic director at Epsilon (one of the top 5 marketing consultancy, currently a subsidiary of Alliance Data Systems) will be supporting and implement the vision of IBM's newly established Center of Excellence for Market Data Analytics. She will be providing thought leadership towards the global integration of analytic initiatives across Brand, Customer segments, and Geography for IBM.

In her new role, Priya will be responsible for managing IBM's internal sponsor relationship to influence and integrate sponsor strategies to achieve the vision of the Center of Excellence for global integration. She has experience working with AT&T's International forecasting team and Prospect Acquisition teams and rich consulting experience with Technology and Telecom clients like IBM, BMC Software and Verizon Wireless.

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orange arrow WITI Marketplace

WITI Marketplace Featured Business Featured Business: Accurate Medical Billing Solutions

Accurate Medical Billing Solutions, specializes in electronic medical billing for your office. We offer our clients fast, efficient, secure electronic medical billing with a personal touch. Our solution will give you the ease of mind that your business is getting the personal and professional attention that it deserves.

Let us provide you with exceptional billing services and take the worry out of your hands while increasing your office profits.

Reasons to outsource your billing:

  • First time filling accuracy
  • Payments sent directly to your office in 5-7days.
  • Reduce overhead expenses.
  • Save time and Money
  • Dedicate more time to your patients.
  • No Hidden fees.
  • 100% HIPPA Complaint

Is your business in the WITI Marketplace? Do you have a special offer for WITI members or would you like to be a featured business in a future issue of the Strategist? We'd love to hear from you!

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orange arrow  Partner Events & Announcements

Small Business Summit 2006 Small Business Summit 2006
WITI invites you to attend the Small Business Summit 2006! The Summit is for small business owners seeking growth through the marriage of best business practices and technology. Attend and strengthen your competitive edge and make your business soar, by successfully applying the right technology to support the right business practices.

This full-day conference, with a unique interactive structure, will provide answers to help you with your specific business situation.

  • Gain insight from experts in technology, sales, finance and marketing who specialize in helping small businesses make it all work together
  • Learn from small business owners who have achieved exceptional growth through an effective marriage of business savvy and technology
  • Exchange ideas with experts and peers
The first 20 WITI readers to register get complimentary tickets! Use promo code: WITI. Visit http://www.smallbiztechsummit.com. See you at the Summit!

Venture Capital 101 Course by the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE)
Does your company have high growth potential and need a large amount of capital to realize this growth? Have you always wondered whether venture capital could be for you?

If you have answered yes to both these questions, then you are the right candidate for VC 101. VC 101 is a comprehensive course that helps entrepreneurs determine whether their business opportunity is venture-fundable or not. It is being run by CWE, the organizer of the only venture capital forum for women-led businesses in New England for the past 6 years. VC 101 will be taught by investors from top VC firms, by women entrepreneurs, and by other members of the community who have contributed to the success of CWE's Venture Capital Program. They have had years of experience investing in, running, or working with high-growth businesses.

VC 101 will help you determine whether venture capital is for you, know how to access equity capital, and present your business opportunity in a compelling way to potential investors, whether individuals or institutions. For those who are interested to apply or those who have questions, please contact Ella Aglipay at [email protected]. There are only 12 slots for the course. Accepted participants will be charged a course fee of $800.

VC 101 classes will be every Wednesday, March 15-May 17, 6-8pm, at CWE Boston Office, 24 School Street, 7th Floor. Participants will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis starting February 8th, so submit your applications as soon as possible!

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orange arrow  WITI Works

WITI is pleased to offer you convenient savings at over 1,000 quality merchants through our partnership with CareClicks.com. Save time, money and support The WITI Foundation with this one stop shopping experience. There is no cost to join, no personal information is needed, it's safe and secure AND a percentage of your purchase supports the WITI Foundation. The amount of contribution is listed right on your screen and by starting your online shopping with WITI, some merchants offer special deals just for you. Check it out at www.witi.com/mall/.

Learn a new skill or brush up on something you already know. eClasses are convenient, flexible, and affordable. Instructor-led courses ensure someone is available to help you with assignment questions, provide you additional resources, and keep you up-to-date with rapidly changing internet technologies. See www.witi.com/center/eclasses/ for current offerings. WITI Members: See the Members' Discount page for the promo code to receive special pricing.

Accelerate Your Career!
- Companies that get it are searching the resume database at WITI4Hire every day. Don't be overlooked! So, whether you are actively seeking a job or just open to great possibilities, add your resume today (FREE for members AND non-members, and confidential too!) to be noticed by companies like New York Times Digital, Best Buy, Altiris, Southern California Edison and GOJO Industries, Inc. Don't want to wait? Visit WITI4Hire and search for your next job!

Volunteer Opportunities at WITI@
WITI needs volunteers to support WITI at industry and partner events (see the list of events). You'll have access to the event, of course, as well as the opportunity to meet industry leaders and get exposure for yourself and your company. For more details or to participate, please contact David Leighton.

WITI Hall of Fame awardThe WITI Hall of Fame was established in 1996 by WITI to recognize, honor, and promote the outstanding contribution women make to the scientific and technological communities that improve and evolve our society.

If you would like to make a nomination for the 2006 WITI Hall of Fame, please download the 2006 nomination form. The nomination deadline is February 1, 2006.

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orange arrow Upcoming Network Events:

"At a recent WITI Boston event, I met a former client from 10 years ago when I worked for another company. We sat together at the meeting and got re-acquainted. Since then, my former client has introduced me to several IT executives at their firm to generate interest in our services, which may lead to new business. This demonstrates that networking and participating in WITI events can have very positive results...both professionally and personally."
-- Steffani Lomax, Vice President and Co-founder, Software Success Partners

February 1 - Houston
A Taste of WITI
February 6 - Boston
Video Games: Not for Men Only - Sponsored by WorldWinner
February 9 - Portland
Five Secrets of Success in Communication and Leadership
February 13 - San Diego
Career Fair & Taste of Technology Reception
February 23 - Atlanta
WITI Networking Event: Have you had a background check lately?
March 7 - Portland
Networking Social
March 7 - Orange County
Transforming Stress into Success
March 8 - Boston
Women Innovators & Entrepreneurs -- Sponsored By: Sun Microsystems
March 21 - San Diego
Real Estate Workshop for Business Owners Series: "Leveraging Your Next Lease Negotiation"
March 23 - San Diego
Real Estate Workshop for Business Owners Series: "Exploring the Issues of Buying vs. Leasing"
March 30 - Atlanta
Happy Hour - Networking
April 4 - Portland
Negotiation Skills
April 11 - Boston
The Power of Differences: A New Gender & Diversity Communications Workshop for Women and Men
April 18 - Boston
RFID & The Supply Chain - Why Should it Matter to You? Sponsored by AMR Research

More information about network events in your area is available on our website.

orange arrow  WITI @ ...Keeping you up-to-date on where you'll find WITI!

WITI@ keeps you up to date on where you will find WITI partners, WITI discounts, WITI women attending industry events. Visit the Members area of the WITI website for priority discount codes for these events. If you want a discount to an event you will be attending and/or want to meet other WITI women at that event, just let us know so we can get it for you!

IDC Outsourcing Forum West
Jan 30 2006-Jan 31 2006
Santa Clara, California
IDC Virtualization Forum East
Feb 6 2006
New York, New York
WTC presents: Laying the Groundwork for Stem Cell Commercialization
Feb 7 2006
San Francisco, California
Small Business Summit 2006
Feb 10 2006
New York City, New York
SVASE & TiE Silicon Valley JOB FAIR for Emerging Growth Companies!
Mar 2 2006
Santa Clara, California
IDC Outsourcing Forum East
Mar 28 2006-Mar 29 2006
New York, New York
AIIM On Demand 2006
May 16 2006-May 18 2006
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
IDC IT Forum & Expo: IT-Enabled Business Transformation
Jun 14 2006-Jun 16 2006
C3 Expo (Corporate & Channel Computing Expo)
Jun 27 2006-Jun 29 2006
New York City, New York

For more information and discounts

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