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April 5, 2006

Founded in 1989, WITI is the nation's leading, global trade association for tech savvy professional women. WITI's mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

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WITI4Hire is the nation's leading job board for professional, tech savvy women. WITI4hire's mission is to accelerate the advancement of women worldwide by providing them with connections, resources, and opportunities.

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Taking the Lead
Las Vegas
July 9-11, 2006

Women and Technology Summit
Silicon Valley
October 29-31, 2006

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WITI's Las Vegas Conference

orange arrow  Take Charge of Your Life
By Stephanie Marston, MFT

Stephanie MarstonThe majority of us are exhausted from climbing the corporate ladder, dressing for success and trying to balance our work and family lives. We live as if we are careening down a freeway at warp speed. The French philosopher Rene Descartes said, "I think therefore I am." Our modern day version of this has become "I do therefore I am." So many of us live by the mantra "I have to keep up," "I am what I do," "I have to push myself," "I have to prove my worth," "I have to keep going." As long as you continue to subscribe to the philosophy that you are what you do you'll be driven to prove yourself, please other people and live up to someone else's standards. In other words, your life won't be your own.

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orange arrow  Sponsorship Needed for All Girl Gaming Team!

Looking to show your support of women pursuing a profession in technology? Here's an opportunity to establish and reinforce your company's reputation as a leading employer of women in your industry.

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orange arrow  WITI Talk TeleClasses:
Are you ready to transform your life and/or your career, but need help figuring out "what next?" Do you know that there must be "more to life," but you aren't sure how to go about finding it? Do you want to join the journey to financial success by making a commitment to uncover and eliminate unconscious barriers to your success? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please join us for a WITITalk Teleclass. Participants in these teleclasses have made major changes in their lives, after just the first class!

WITI in Silicon Valley

orange arrow  From Bad Stress to Good
By Mellanie True Hills

Mellanie Hills Have you ever missed the alarm clock and awakened late the morning of a big meeting? Did you throw on makeup and clothes, speed to work while fighting traffic, whip into Starbucks for your coffee fix, spill it on yourself while lunging back into traffic, and then arrive late for your meeting only to find out that you're supposed to make a presentation that you didn't even know about? Were you stressed? Or were you able to go with the flow and laugh it off?

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orange arrow  Women on the Move

Karenann Terrell

Karenann TerrellKarenann Terrell, long time WITI member, corporate supporter and WITI Advisory Board member has been appointed to a new position at Baxter International in Deerfield, IL as the Chief Information Officer. She will begin on April 10, 2007 and is expected to be appointed as a corporate officer of Baxter. In her new global responsibility for information technology, she will be accountable for supporting all of Baxter's business units worldwide, including its manufacturing, science and technology, and supply chain operations.

Come meet Karenann at WITI's Las Vegas conference where she will be keynoting. Karenann has been actively involved with WITI for more than 10 years and always look forward to spending time to meet and talk with WITi conference attendees.

For more on Karenann...

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orange arrow  WITI Marketplace

WITI Marketplace Featured Business Featured Business: CM Services

Want a flexible career?

Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career is the professional woman's guide to building a flexible home-based business! Until now there were not a lot of home-based business options for career-oriented, professional, and technical women who want to use their existing skills to go into consulting, public speaking, training, writing, coaching, or other areas.

An indispensable resource!

For more information, please visit www.fulltimewoman.com, or call us at (512) 656-5032.

Is your business in the WITI Marketplace? Do you have a special offer for WITI members or would you like to be a featured business in a future issue of the Strategist? We'd love to hear from you!

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orange arrow  Partner Events & Announcements

Interop Las Vegas 2006, April 30 - May 5
Bringing IT professionals and business decision makers together with leading innovators and vendors to explore IT opportunities, challenges and solutions.

Evaluate the latest technologies at a comprehensive gathering of top industry providers. Find the right solutions for all your IT challenges.

Choose from 200+ sessions covering the full range of IT issues. Learn the latest strategies and techniques to make IT work for your business.

For more information, http://www.interop.com/lasvegas/.

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orange arrow  WITI Works

Learn a new skill or brush up on something you already know. eClasses are convenient, flexible, and affordable. Instructor-led courses ensure someone is available to help you with assignment questions, provide you additional resources, and keep you up-to-date with rapidly changing internet technologies. See www.witi.com/center/eclasses/ for current offerings. WITI Members: See the Members' Discount page for the promo code to receive special pricing.

Accelerate Your Career!
- Companies that get it are searching the resume database at WITI4Hire every day. Don't be overlooked! So, whether you are actively seeking a job or just open to great possibilities, add your resume today (FREE for members AND non-members, and confidential too!) to be noticed by companies like New York Times Digital, Best Buy, Altiris, Southern California Edison and GOJO Industries, Inc. Don't want to wait? Visit WITI4Hire and search for your next job!

Volunteer Opportunities at WITI@
WITI needs volunteers to support WITI at industry and partner events (see the list of events). You'll have access to the event, of course, as well as the opportunity to meet industry leaders and get exposure for yourself and your company. For more details or to participate, please contact David Leighton.

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orange arrow Upcoming Network Events:

"At a recent WITI Boston event, I met a former client from 10 years ago when I worked for another company. We sat together at the meeting and got re-acquainted. Since then, my former client has introduced me to several IT executives at their firm to generate interest in our services, which may lead to new business. This demonstrates that networking and participating in WITI events can have very positive results...both professionally and personally."
-- Steffani Lomax, Vice President and Co-founder, Software Success Partners

April 5 - Houston
Does one develop a career strategy or a life strategy?
April 11 - Los Angeles
WITI Los Angeles Spring Mixer
April 18 - Boston
RFID & The Supply Chain - Why Should it Matter to You? Sponsored by AMR Research
April 26 - San Diego
Transforming Your Sales DNA [The Salesperson is Not the Problem]
April 27 - Atlanta
Panel Discussion: How You Interact Markets Yourself.
April 27 - Research Triangle Park
Kathy Hill
May 2 - Portland
Public Speaking Workshop
May 3 - Houston
What To Do When People Make You Nuts?
May 3 - Las Vegas
WITI Las Vegas Launch Celebration
May 8 - Boston
Women Inventors: Their Visions, Products & Stories - Sponsored by Babson College
May 17 - San Diego
Technologies, Marketing & Media in the New Millennium

More information about network events in your area is available on our website.

orange arrow  WITI @ ...Keeping you up-to-date on where you'll find WITI!

WITI@ keeps you up to date on where you will find WITI partners, WITI discounts, WITI women attending industry events. Visit the Members area of the WITI website for priority discount codes for these events. If you want a discount to an event you will be attending and/or want to meet other WITI women at that event, just let us know so we can get it for you!

SVASE MAIN EVENT: Angel Investors - Alive, Kicking & Investing
Apr 6 2006
Palo Alto, California
Making Purpose Work - Book Signing and Networking Event
Apr 20 2006
New York, New York
Interop Las Vegas
Apr 30 2006-May 5 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
Making Purpose Work - Book Signing and Networking Event
May 4 2006
San Francisco, California
AIIM On Demand 2006
May 16 2006-May 18 2006
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Making Purpose Work - Book Signing and Networking Event
Jun 7 2006
Dallas, Texas
IDC IT Forum & Expo: IT-Enabled Business Transformation
Jun 14 2006-Jun 16 2006
Boston, Massachusetts
C3 Expo (Corporate & Channel Computing Expo)
Jun 27 2006-Jun 29 2006
New York City, New York
Digital Life
Oct 12 2006-Oct 15 2006
New York City, New York
OracleOpenWorld 2006
Oct 22 2006-Oct 26 2006
San Francisco, California

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