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Newsletter  •  June 17, 2015

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  WITI Network Events

June 18 - Orange County
CIO Panel: Innovating to Bend the Value Curve of IT
June 18 - Silicon Valley
Power Chats
June 25 - Tampa
Panel Discussion on Cyber Security led by Bloomin' Brands CISO, Chris Bitner
June 27 - Silicon Valley
Social Networking over dinner or coffee
June 29 - Fort Lauderdale
Power Happy Hour - Fort Lauderdale
June 29 - Boca Raton
Power Happy Hour - Boca Raton
June 29 - Miami
Power Happy Hour - Miami
July 23 - Orange County
Emerging Technologies
August 18 - San Diego
CIO Women: Rising to the Top of the IT Stack

More Network Events

  WITI Partner Events

Geek Girl TechCon 2015
June 20, 2015
San Diego, California
SPTechCon Developer Days
June 24-26, 2015
San Francisco, California
Careers & the disabled Magazine's Career Expo New York
July 17, 2015
New York, New York
TDWI Boston
July 26-31, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts
July 29-31, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

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WITI Professional Association
11500 Olympic Blvd.
Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064

  WITI Virtual Hackathon

IBM and WITI have partnered together for the first ever WITI Hackathon! This will be an international code-a-thon where developers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs and educators gather to build applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions focused on Internet of Things and wearables.

Projects must be submitted by the 6/27 deadline so there's still time to get your project submitted. Register Now!

Join Us For The FREE Bluemix Virtual Workshop This Friday, June 19th! and

the WITI Hackathon Jam on June 23.

  WITI Women

Interviews that Inspire with Marian Cook: Tackling Tough Transitions: Advice from a Top IBM Executive
by Marian Cook

WITI Hall of Famer Linda Sanford, one of the highest ranking women at IBM before retiring just weeks ago as Senior Vice President, Enterprise Transformation, has been through many tough transitions during her 39-year career at IBM.


  WITI Careers

Engage Your Audience: Tips to Create Presentations That Connect
by Martha Weeks

As a speaker, you can engage with your audience when you are presenting by making eye contact, varying the tone and volume of your voice, and moving across the stage or room.

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  WITI Webinars

Create and Give Better Presentations
Presenter: Martha Weeks  |  Wednesday, June 24, 2015
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

How effective are the presentations that you develop and deliver? Are you confident that audiences understand your messages and are compelled to action?

  This Webinar is FREE for WITI Members! Details!

  Join WITI @ SPTechCon

SPTechCon Developer Days
June 24-26, 2015  |  San Francisco, California

SPTechCon Developer Days will feature Microsoft speakers and MVPs, the brightest minds in Microsoft, Web and SharePoint development, to help you either start down the path to modern application development or help you expand your knowledge.

  Join WITI @ AnDevCon

Android Developer Conference
July 29-31, 2015  |  Boston, Massachusetts

AnDevCon is the technical conference for software developers and engineers building Android apps. Offering mobile app development training, embedded Android secrets, and Android app development tutorials and classes, AnDevCon is the biggest, most info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world.

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