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Newsletter  •  January 13, 2016

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  WITI Network Events

January 21, 2016 - Phoenix, Arizona
Communicating as a Leader
January 21, 2016 - Tampa Bay, Florida
CIOs: Past, Present, and Future (What do CIOs need to know to be successful...)
January 27, 2016 - Orange County, California
Geek Chic Event
February 10, 2016 - Houston, Texas
Changes and Trends in Corporate Attire presented by Chloe Dao
February 17, 2016 - San Diego, California
Looking Through the Leadership Lens: Leverage Your Personal Brand to Achieve Your Goals
February 18, 2016 - Los Angeles, California
Jobs of the 21st Century/Future Leaders Forum
February 18, 2016 - Phoeniz, Arizona
Effectively Leading in a Chaotic Environment

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  WITI Partner Events

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HMG Strategy - 2016 Global Innovation Summit
January 14, 2016
East Palo Alto, California

HMG Strategy - 2016 CIO Summit of America
January 26, 2016
New York, New York

CIO Insurance Think Tank New York
January 28, 2016
New York, New York

CISO Think Tank Dallas
February 2, 2016
Addison, Texas

Coming back with Confidence
February 2, 2016

Leadership SPA (SMART Power Academy)
February 3-5, 2016
La Jolla, California

HMG Strategy - 2016 Phoenix CIO Executive Leadership Summit
February 4, 2016
Scottsdale, Arizona

Digital Entertainment World (DEW) Expo
February 9, 2016 - February 11, 2016
Los Angeles, California

DeveloperWeek 2016
February 12, 2016 - February 18, 2016
San Francisco, California

HMG Strategy - 2016 Charlotte CIO Executive Leadership Summit
February 16, 2016
Charlotte, North Carolina

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Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064

  WITI Business

What if Women Were Paid More than Men?
By Jamie Bancroft Gennaro

How would society be different if women had never been homemakers? If the first president of the United States had been a woman? If men made less money than women regardless of their education and experience level, society would be very different.

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  WITI Career

How to Get over Holiday Blues at Work in Eight Easy Ways
By Hasibuddin Ahmed

Holidays are over, and the very thought of going back to work is a nightmare for every working professional. Moody Mondays are back, and you grudgingly wake up from the comfort of your bed to get ready for office. This transformation from lazy to hectic mornings is going to take some time and is very uncomfortable.

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  WITI Leader Spotlight

Thought Leader Spotlight: Amina Hassan, PhD
By The Azara Group

Author of Loren Miller: Civil Rights Attorney and Journalist; avid researcher; broadcasting awards from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Federation for Community Broadcasters; spent career producing radio documentaries, as a nonprofit fundraiser, and as an author; mother of five children; grew up in Los Angeles.

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  WITI Technology

The Internet of Things: Barriers and Opportunities
By The WITI News Staff

There is almost universal agreement that the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to become the next 'big thing' for the enterprise. But no one knows exactly when that long-awaited transformation will actually happen.

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  WITI Teleclass

Exploring Your Life Mission
Presenter: Kathy Hill
Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - Tuesday, February 16, 2016
8-9PM ET (5-6PM PT)

This series will help you to gain a clear understanding of your unique gifts, passions, needs, and values, so that you can discover what you want to do with the rest of your life. It will help you to answer the questions "What do I want my life to be about? What is my life purpose?" Details!

  WITI Webinars

Cultivating Disruptive Diversity & What To Do When You Feel "Excluded"
Presenter: Rajkumari Neogy, MA
Tuesday, January 21, 2016
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

We have come to assume that different demographic factors automatically breed diversity. Aren't we truly seeking candidates (and companies to work for) who are of divergent points of view, personal history, perspective and filters?

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  Join WITI @ HMG Strategy

2016 Global Innovation Summit
January 14, 2016  |  East Palo Alto, California

HMG Strategy is bringing all the pieces together: IT visionaries, leading venture capital investors, emerging technology, culture and leadership experts, and today's most successful CIOs to create a summit where you can take away insights, strategies, and connections to drive your business forward.

  Join WITI @ DeveloperWeek

DeveloperWeek 2016
Feb. 12-18, 2016  |  San Francisco, California

Free OPEN pass to DeveloperWeek 2016 by Friday Jan 15

We're offering our community 50 free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek 2016 (Feb. 12-18, San Francisco) when you register by Friday! Join 4,000 participants at the DeveloperWeek Hackathon, Conference, Hiring Mixer, and City-Wide Events!

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Your OPEN Pass get you into the Hackathon, Coding Contest, Keynote Talks, Conference OPEN Talks, Expo, and week of city-wide events.

You can also get 20% off your PRO Pass for full access to all conference talks using discount code DW16-WIT-OPEN

DeveloperWeek 2016 is the largest developer-centric event series in San Francisco covering topics in API Design & Microservices, Full-Stack Javascript such as Angular and React, Robotics Dev, Machine Learning, Drone Development, and 200+ more talks.


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