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Newsletter  •  February 24, 2016

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  WITI Network Events

February 29, 2016 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Power Happy Hour
March 10, 2016 - Los Angeles, California
Jobs of the 21st Century/Future Leaders Forum
March 10, 2016 - RTP, North Carolina
Women In Technology - Leadership, Diversity and Innovation
March 10, 2016 - Dallas, Texas
Healthcare & Technology: What Innovative Devices and Software are Disrupting the Medical Field?
March 10, 2016 - St Petersburg, Florida
The Internet of Things (IoT)
March 16, 2016 - Orange, California
Power Questions: Grow Your Career by Asking the Right Questions
March 24, 2016 - Somerville, Massachusetts
GETTING PAST HELLO!™: The Art of Cultivating Lasting Business Relationships
March 31, 2016 - San Jose, California
WITI Sports, Entertainment and Technology Symposium
April 21, 2016 - Tampa, Florida
Happy Hour, and...a special guest!
May 19, 2016 - Tampa, Florida
An evening with USF President, Judy Genshaft

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  WITI Partner Events

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CIO New York Summit
February 25, 2016
New York, New York

CISO New York Summit
February 25, 2016
New York, New York

Microsoft Celebrating Entrepreneurs Event
February 25, 2016
Tampa, Florida

SQL Saturday
February 27, 2016
Tampa, Florida

CIO Summit Europe
February 28, 2016 - March 1, 2016
London, Outside US/Canada

SharePoint Fest Denver
March 1-3, 2016
Denver, Colorado

HMG Strategy - 2016 Houston CIO Executive Leadership Summit
March 2, 2016
Houston, Texas

CIO Chicago Summit
March 8, 2016
Chicago, Illinois

Women in Project Management
March 8, 2016
St Petersburg, Florida

EOP's STEM Diversity Career Expo in Dallas
March 9, 2016
Dallas, Texas

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  WITI Empower

Are You On Fire at Work? Or Just Burned Out?
By Courtney Clark

As workplace stress becomes more and more common, employees are at risk of experiencing a phenomenon known as "burnout". Research suggests several risk factors, as well as helpful solutions.

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  WITI B~Stem

Hall of Fame Films' Call for Entries - Register by Feb 26th!
By WITI News Staff

During Women's History Month, we're championing the inclusion of women in media by calling all Aspiring, Emerging & Professional female content creators to make short film projects highlighting a leading woman in technology and innovation across industries. Registration is open until February 26th. The competition will run from March 1st ~ 15th. B~STEM Project will select the industry, and competing content creators will choose their heroine, genre and style. Submissions can run up to 5 minutes in length. Whether it's a commercial, ad campaign, music video, documentary or animation the creative possibilities are endless.

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  WITI Virtual Career Fair

March 9, 2016 - The WITI Women in Technology International Virtual Career Fair is an online career event where job seekers and employers can interact with each other in a live, 3-D virtual environment. With a global network of smart, talented women and a market reach exceeding 2 million, WITI (Women in Technology International) has established powerful strategic alliances and programs to provide connections, resources and opportunities. Register today to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

If your company would like to participate in the Career Fair, please call the WITI office at 818-788-9484.

  WITI Career

6 Things You Should Do in College to Grab a Successful Job
By Ahbishek Kumar

College is one time in the lifetime that is solely responsible of where you land in the future. You might think there is nothing that can help finding a job when still in college. But that is a wrong approach.

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  WITI Thought Leader

Thought Leader Spotlight: Raymond J. McGuire
By The Azara Group

Becoming an investment banker wasn't my long-standing aspiration. In fact, I didn't know much about life on Wall Street. I was raised by a single mother in Dayton, Ohio, and was fortunate to attend The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut on scholarship. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, like Perry Mason.

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  WITI Webinars

Power Trip: Tools for Maximizing Your Personal Power At Work (tm)
Presenter: Dr. Miriam Reiss
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

Men aren't the only ones with power tools. Women have power tools too but are sometimes unaware of them and how to use them effectively. Women with introverted personality styles are more likely to underuse their power tools, resulting in getting overlooked at work and missing key opportunities. So, how can you bring out your power tools and use them to your professional advantage?

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Why Women Need to Lead
Presenter: Will Marré

In case you missed it, watch last weeks webinar, "Why Women Need to Lead" with former President of the Covey Leadership Center, Will Marré!

Here's what people said:

"This was the best webinar I have attended from your organization since I joined. Thank you for the interesting, insightful, and immensely useful information."

"Will Marre was one of the best speakers I've heard, not only for a WITI Webinar but of other webinars I attend. He was both entertaining and engaging at presenting this topic. And I was so pleased that he presented actual actionable steps that I can take, and not merely communicated the data about women, leadership, and the workplace. It was fantastic, one of the best webinar hours I've spent in a long time."

"Amazing webinar, so glad my we were able to attend as a team! Way to go WITI!!!"

"Compelling and thought provoking. Thanks WITI!"

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SharePoint Fest Denver
March 1-3, 2016  |  Denver, Colorado

Attend SharePoint Fest - Denver, where you'll be able to attend technical classes and workshops - taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft engineers and Microsoft MVPs - covering Enterprise Content Management, Power Users, Social SharePoint, Business Value, Implementation/Administration, Office 365, Workflow, Business Intelligence, Special Topics & SharePoint Development.


Five Inventions That Made the Modern Car

Today's cars do everything from heating your seat to driving themselves. It's easy to forget that automobiles started out as rickety, steam-powered carriages. How did we get to climate-controlled, computer-controlled, airbag-equipped modern vehicles? We have engineers, scientists, designers and more to thank for that. In honor of National Inventors' Day on February 11, we look at five American inventions that helped make the car what it is today.


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