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Newsletter  •  September 14, 2016

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  WITI Network Events

September 15, 2016 - Irvine, California
CXO Panel - Illuminating Your Future
September 15, 2016 - Boston, Massachusetts
A Panel Discussion about Cybersecurity
September 15, 2016 - Scottsdale, Arizona
IT Employment Outlook for Phoenix
September 20, 2016 - Orlando, Florida
Being Fearless
September 28, 2016 - Santa Monica, California
WITI AR/VR - Panel, Art Cafe and Networking
October 4, 2016 - San Diego, California
Increase Your Energy, Health & Productivity in Your Professional & Personal Life!
October 6, 2016 - Tampa Bay, Florida
4th Annual - 2016 Geek Glam
October 20, 2016 - Boston, Massachusetts
Fight 'Impostor Syndrome' to Boost Your Confidence and Career
October 20, 2016 - Houston, Texas
Solutions IQ- speaking on SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework

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  WITI Partner Events

Hacker Halted 2016
September 15-16, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia

Digital Marketing Summit US
September 15, 2016
New York, New York

CMO Summit New York
September 15, 2016
New York, New York

The 451 Research Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit
September 19-21, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada

Strategic Materials Conference (SMC 2016)
September 20-21, 2016
Mountain View, California

New York Cyber Security Summit
September 21, 2016
New York, Illinois

Partners Leading Change Classroom Sessions
September 21-22, 2016
Mill Valley, California

2016 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit
September 22, 2016
Greenwich, Connecticut

EOP's STEM Diversity Career Expo in New York
September 23, 2016
New York, New York

Partners Leading Change Video Conference Sessions
October 11-18, 2016
Mill Valley, California

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WITI Professional Association
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  WITI Virtual Career Fair

Starts TODAY at NOON- 5PM (EST) / 9AM-2PM (PST) Register Now!

Participating Companies Include (Check out their current openings):

Citizens Bank
Lord Abbett
  Silicon Valley Bank

Jobs Include:

Business Systems Analyst
Senior Real-time Simulation Engineer
Content Writer
Associate/Senior Associate
Azure Infrastructure Architect
  Product Support Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Software Engineer
Principal Consultant - Business Process Consulting
IT Governance Manager

  WITI Women

Think Like a Goddess; Work Like a Genius
By Will Marré

Cultures emerge to ensure the dominant class stays in power. Culture is permeated by unexamined beliefs, norms and expectations that favor those who make the rules. That's why leaders are so powerful.

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Still space available to see Will TODAY in Silicon Valley!

  WITI Career

Advice Your First Boss Probably Won't Give (but Should)
By Dana Brownlee

College graduates and other early career professionals often enter the workplace hungering for feedback and advice to help them enhance their skill set and ultimately position themselves to climb the proverbial ladder.

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  WITI Webinars

Miles In Heels' Golden Rules for "Getting Past Hello!"™
Presenter: Kim Miles
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

Networking doesn't come naturally for most of us. As a matter of fact, it can strike fear in our hearts! Yet every savvy business person knows it is a critical component to our overall success.

  This Webinar is FREE To WITI Members! Details!

  WITI Networks

Next Level Networking: Patti Smith
By WITI News Staff

Patti Smith is the leader of the Orlando WITI network. Though her participation in the field of networking is notable, she has also put extensive work into the technology industry.

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  WITI Marketing

Little Things Mean a lot -- Use Tiny Data to Delight the Mobile Native
By Aurelie Guerrieri

A lot of the data marketers use for targeting comes from demographic information such as age, race, gender and marital status. It's pretty static and not very valuable to advertisers trying to surprise and engage with specific individuals.

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  WITI Technology

Data Analytics Moves to the Cloud
By 451 Alliance

While analytics and data warehousing have previously gone hand in hand, the big-data trend has encouraged enterprises to process and analyze data that was previously ignored (data that resides in cloud-storage services that was never imported into a data warehouse).

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  Join WITI @ 451 Research

Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit
September 19-21, 2016  |  Las Vegas, Nevada

In the cloud 2.0 era, transformation is occurring across the market, encompassing a variety of challenges and innovations. Service providers are looking to evolve their cloud strategy in a way that leverages their vendor and strategic partnerships.

Come by the WITI Booth #18


Fall Foliage Destinations

The signature trees of the Cascades are evergreens - red cedars and Doug-firs on the western slopes, ponderosa pines on the drier east slopes. Fall makes its mark here in lovely ways: pockets of vine maples erupt into deep red, and huckleberry shrubs turn a wine-red and sprout delicious blue fruit.


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