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Newsletter  •  October 11, 2017

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  WITI Network Events

October 12, 2017 - Tampa, Florida
5th Annual - 2017 Geek Glam
October 18, 2017 - Boston, Massachusetts
Virtual Reality Panel Discussion
October 18, 2017 - Denver, Colorado
WITI Denver Networking Meet and Greet
October 19, 2017 - Houston, Texas
Agile as a Tool for Managing Software Risk
October 19, 2017 - Irvine, California
Clash of the Data Titans
October 19, 2017 - Orlando, Florida
Women In Leadership and Business - Continuing The Conversation
October 19, 2017 - Phoenix, Arizona
Cybersecurity- Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
October 24, 2017 - Pleasanton, California
The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Why it's critical to your Company and Career!
October 25, 2017 - Fairport, New York
Rochester Women In Technology International Kick Off Meeting
October 26, 2017 - Woodland Hills, California
Information Security Spooktactular

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  WITI Partner Events

CIO, CMO and CISO Summits
September-November, 2017
Various Locations

2017 Southern California CIO Executive Leadership Summit
October 12, 2017
Huntington Beach, California

Digital Marketing Dallas Summit
October 12, 2017
Dallas, Texas

CX Dallas Summit
October 12, 2017
Dallas, Texas

7th Annual Next Practices in Healthcare Summit - Staying Ahead of the Healthcare Curve
October 12, 2017
Irvine, California

PMI Suncoast: Roaring 20th Anniversary Meeeting
October 17, 2017
Clearwater, Florida

2017 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit
October 19, 2017
Old Greenwich, Connecticut

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  WITI Career

Five Strategies You Must Follow to Start a Successful Career
By Stephanie Proper

If you try to think of a few successful IT professionals, you'll probably name Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and a few other big names in the industry. They made it to the very top.

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  WITI Leadership

How to Liberate Your Leadership Talent
By Will Marré

We have cracked the code on healthy, fulfilling work. Sociologist Jeanne Nakamura's research on the conditions that create "vital engagement" are crystal clear.

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  WITI Webinars

The Social Paradigm Shift, How To Win The Race to Digital Dominance
Presenter(s): Gretchen Fox
October 11, 2017 12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

GENDER SYNERGY: How women can work with men to transform the quality of their work-life and magnify their impact and opportunities
Presenter(s): Will Marré
October 17, 2017 12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

WITI Member Orientation
Presenter(s): WITI
November 3, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PT (3-4PM ET)

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  WITI Technology

New Reality MetaObjects Enhance Marketing & E-Commerce
By Jodi Schiller

Daily, we are bombarded by information on the web and in our real lives. As marketers, the challenge grows ever more difficult to find the right customers with the right content.

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Digital Marketing Dallas Summit
October 12, 2017  | Dallas, Texas

CDM Media Summits bring together leading C-level executives, analysts and solution providers to network and attend interactive agenda sessions on the latest business topics and trends.

  WITI Spotlight

Women in Technology International Interview with Anne Krog Iversen, Chief DNA and Culture Officer
By Dave Costello

TimeXtender was founded in 2006 and is one of the world's fastest growing software companies. The company enables businesses (Fortune 500, large-sized enterprises, and mid-sized companies) to build a data-driven organization with Discovery Hub, an integrated approach to IT architecture behind business intelligence that helps organizations decrease time to business insights and data-driven decision making.

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  WITI Work-Life Balance

Being a Mother, Working, and Not Falling into a Daily Routine: Is That Even Possible?
By Neuvoo News Staff

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, had enough time in her daily life to work, take care of her home, write a book, and even create her own makeup brand. She not only had the time - she "took the time" to make it happen.

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