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Newsletter  •  March 28, 2018

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  WITI Network Events

April 3, 2018 - Houston, Texas
WITI Houston Network Event - Help Make Another Woman Successful
April 5, 2018 - Columbus, Ohio
Happy Hour Hiring Event
April 19, 2018 - Tampa Bay, Florida
Spring into a New You! Let's Build Your Brand!
April 19, 2018 - Chandler, Arizona
Networking Ninja: Breaking Barriers
April 19, 2018 - Santa Monica, California
Advancement of Women in STEM
April 23, 2018 - Orlando, Florida
Leverage Your Personal Brand to Achieve Your Goals
April 24, 2018 - Columbus, Ohio
IOT & ME: Moments In Time
April 25, 2018 - Boston , Massachusetts
Advancement of Women in STEM Programs - Challenges & Opportunities
April 26, 2018 - McLean, Virginia
DC Metro Women in Technology International Kick-off Event!
April 26, 2018 - Folsom, California
Wine and Unwind!
May 8, 2018 - San Diego, California
Emotional Intelligence: What Every Leader Must Know
May 17, 2018 - Oldsmar, Florida
Cybersecurity Part II
May 21, 2018 - Denver, Colorado
(((((NEW DATE)))))) Brain Disruption for Increasing Innovation (Interactive)

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  WITI Partner Events

CIO, CMO and CISO Summits
March, 2018
Various Locations

Homebrew Hillsborough
March 30, 2018
Tampa, Florida

XLIVE Esports Summit
April 2-3, 2018
Los Angeles, California

XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit
April 3-4, 2018
Los Angeles, California

PMI Suncoast - 5 Golden Nuggets for Project Management
April 10, 2018
Clearwater, Florida

The Forbes School of Business & Technology Distinguished Lecturer Series
April 10, 2018
San Diego, California

Recurring Revenue Conference
April 12, 2018
Marina Del Rey, California

2018 Women in Tech Festival: League of Extraordinary Women
April 12-13, 2018
Silicon Valley, California

Project Summit Business Analysis World
April 16-18, 2018
Orlando, Florida

April 19-20, 2018
San Jose, California

Interop ITX 2018
April 30 - May 4, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hartford Tech Forum
May 8, 2018
Hartford, Connecticut

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WITI Professional Association
11500 Olympic Blvd.
Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064

  WITI Summit 2018

Women's History Month Special - Special pricing for the Women In Technology Summit ends Saturday, March 31.

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  WITI Virtual Career Fair

The WITI Women in Technology International Virtual Career Fair is an online career event where job seekers and employers can interact with each other in a live, 3-D virtual environment.

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  WITI Technology

The Seven Questions You Should Ask Any New Tech Partner
By Anna Johansson

Integrating new tech or tech talent into your business is an exciting play. You will have access to more features, functionality, smoother user interfaces, and new products to play with, and you might open the door to new professional and revenue-generating activities.

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  WITI PowerSource Magazine

The WITI PowerSource Magazine March 2018 Edition will be launched this Thursday but is available online now.

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  WITI Business

Six Simple Security Measures You Should Take for Your Business
By Larry Alton

When you're running a business, your focus usually falls on the core components of profitability.

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  WITI Webinars

Be a Better Leader by Raising the Quality of Your Conversations
Presenter(s): Michael Neuendorff, Executive Coach and Trainer, Bay Area Executive Coach
March 29, 2018 12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

It Is Never Too Late to Learn How to Program - How Becoming a Developer Changed My Life
Presenter(s): Alicia Carr
April 4, 2018 12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

WITI Member Orientation
Presenter(s): WITI
April 6, 2018 9-10AM PT (12-1PM ET)

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  WITI Gender

How I Became a Male Ally to Gender Inclusion-and How You Can, Too
By Dale Vaughn

I have spent my entire life as an activist to end sexism and xenophobia, but it wasn't until I met feedback, criticism, and careful vetting by feminists and social equality veterans that I entered into a true alliance.

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  WITI Corporate

Top Tips for Infusing Hope into Your Corporate Culture
By Libby Gill

When your team is faced with change, challenge, or chaos, inspire them with a future-focused vision of shared success!

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  Join WITI @ ONUG

ONUG Spring 2018 hosted by Kaiser Permenante
May 8-9, 2018  | San Francisco, California

At ONUG Spring 2018, IT leaders will take the stage to discuss operationalizing the enterprise cloud, measurable security for the multi-cloud era, as well as digital transformation. Topics to be covered include multi-cloud best practices, network transformation, machine learning and AI, as well as security in the enterprise cloud. ONUG is the leading IT user-driven community focused on leveraging the power of their engineering and procurement to influence the pace and deployment of open networking solutions.

To register for this one-time exclusive 50% discount, please register using promo code WITI50.


Seven Ways to Make Your Tax Refund Go Further

A tax refund check can be a tempting thing. Should you buy those new shoes you've been eyeing? How about treating yourself to a weekend away?


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