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Newsletter  •  April 22, 2020

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  WITI Network Events

Some events may be postponed or moved online. Please check individual events for more info.

Happy Hour with WITI-NJ
April 22, 2020

Tea with WITI - Virtual Networking
April 22, 2020

April 23, 2020

The Impact of Automation on Women in the Workforce
April 23, 2020
McLean, Virginia

Tea With WITI
April 23, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona

Leadership vs Management: What Hat do you Wear & When?
April 28, 2020
Houston, Texas

WITI Seattle Virtual Happy Hour Networking
April 28, 2020
Seattle, Washington

Networking Cafe WITI India - Bangalore
April 28, 2020
Bangalore, India

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  WITI Partner Events

2020 San Francisco CIO Executive Leadership Summit
April 23, 2020
San Francisco, California

2020 London CIO Executive Leadership Summit
May 21, 2020
London, United Kingdom

2020 Toronto CIO Executive Leadership Summit
June 3, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

Mobile World Congress Shanghai
June 30-July 2, 2020
Pudong, Shanghai, China

2020 New Jersey CIO Executive Leadership Summit
July 16, 2020
New Brunswick, New Jersey

AEC Next
July 27-29, 2020
Chicago, Illinois

July 27-29, 2020
Chicago, Illinois

2020 New York CISO Executive Leadership Summit
July 30, 2020
New York, New York


October 26-28, 2020
Orlando, Florida

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WITI Professional Association
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Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064

"Worry is like a rocking chair: It gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere."

~ Erma Bombeck

  Editor's Note

Dear WITI community:

Many of you have reached out with personal concerns about your discomfort during this trying time. We heard you and as a result, we have put together The WITI Wellbeing Center. The WITI Wellbeing Center is designed to help you have a healthy approach to working at home. You can explore the present moment with a variety of mindfulness sessions offered at various times and at various durations. Feel supported and more at ease. This week we are introducing our first set of classes featuring Alyse Hart (Energy Management), Lotem Porat (Away From Your Desk, Onto Your Back), Fred Sugerman (Mindful Movement) and Alicia Maher, MD (Anxiety Management). Throughout the days and weeks ahead we will be adding more materials. And remember if you would like to contribute to this or any other part of WITI, please email me directly at liz@witi.com

  WITI Summit Update

The 26th Annual WITI Summit, On June 23rd and 24th 2020, is now going to be virtual! We are working hard to get the voices you need to hear right now. It will be an unforgettable event with amazing women to inspire you to be the leader you are meant to be. Look out for next week’s newsletter for more details. Click here for more info.

  WITI Coaching

We can stop baking cupcakes, we're in a global pandemic
By Lia Garvin

The power of changing our questions from "why" to "what" in moving ourselves from judgement to compassion.

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  WITI Membership

Become a WITI Member Today! If you're looking for a community where members give and get in equal measure, where no one stands alone, where cliques don't exist, then take the next step and join WITI today!

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  WITI Online Coaching Circles - NEW BENEFIT FOR WITI MEMBERS!

Coaching Circles are consistently WITI's most popular Summit event. We heard you and made specially designed coaching circles for you online. Free to members (and a small fee for non-members).

Networking Cafe - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT (12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT)
April 22, 2020 9AM-10AM PT (12-1PM ET)

Maximize Your Visibility and Influence from a Distance
April 23, 2020 12PM-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

Job Search Strategies
April 24, 2020 12PM-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

  These Circles are FREE To WITI Members!

  WITI Webinars

Your Idea Worth Spreading: How to Build and Pitch Your TEDx Idea
Presenter(s): Marie Incontrera
April 22, 2020 12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)

Leading In The Age Of Coronavirus; Powerful Virtual Leadership In a Time Of Great Uncertainty
Presenter(s): John Bates
April 23, 2020 8AM PT (11AM ET)

Leading In The Age Of Coronavirus; Powerful Virtual Leadership In a Time Of Great Uncertainty
Presenter(s): John Bates
April 30, 2020 3PM PT (6PM ET)

  Webinars can be vital to professional development and are FREE To WITI Members (and a small fee for non-members)

  WITI Wellbeing

Quarantine Mindfulness
By Alicia Maher, M.D.

When we start feeling stressed, there's a quick, simple mindfulness practice that may help.

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  WITI Teleclass

Exploring Your Life Mission
Presenter: Kathy Hill

This series of four one-hour teleclasses will help you to figure out "what next?" - What do you "really" want the next year/chapter of your life to look like?

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  WITI Branding

Blog 2: Why Brand Building is So Important
By Laurel Mintz

With COVID-19 upon us, branding is more important now than ever. It's a scary time and people are looking out to see how their favorite brands are dealing with the situation.

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