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November 30, 2022

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WITI Member Orientation, Update and Networking
November 30, 2022

How To Become a WITI Partner
November 30, 2022

Driving EduTech Forward in 2022!
December 1, 2022

Shut’Em Down: Solutions for Black Women in the Workplace
December 1, 2022

Deconstructing Karen: An After Dinner Chat w/Regina Jackson
December 1, 2022

Job Search Strategies
December 2, 2022

LinkSV's Friday Lunch and Learn
December 2, 2022

Mindfulness and Movement
December 2, 2022

Dynamic Intentional Relaxation (Yoga Nidra Meditation)
December 3, 2022

WITI Summit - Emergence: Aligning Purpose and Profit
December 6-7, 2022

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Build And Balance
Oct 6 - Dec 31, 2022

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  WITI Quote Of The Week

"Don't mix bad words with your bad mood. You'll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke."

~ Unknown

  WITI Summit

Emergence: Aligning Purpose and Profit
December 6-7, 2022 Starts Next Week!

This year’s conference centers around the WITI-directed Glass Ceiling Report 2.0. The updated DEI research, in-depth findings, and recommendations will be presented on the first day of the conference, along with a discussion around strategies for taking advantage of potential options to grow as a company, a team, a leader, or an individual contributor. Register Now!

Earn 5 PDUs or CEUs by attending the summit!

Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you to our WITI Community for helping spread the word about our virtual summit on social media. We've attached graphics and captions for your convenience. See you December 6th and 7th.

  WITI Glass Ceiling Report 2.0

Words Matter
By Ashley Felton

Understanding the psychology behind words that inform versus define can be helpful. Labels can be used as a description; some descriptors are neutral, fact-based, and sometimes transient.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Engineering

Padmaja Kota, Senior Director of Software Engineering at Salesforce knew from a young age that she wanted to be a software engineer. Today, she's inspiring the next generation of women to chase their dreams in tech.

Are you curious about what it's like to work at Salesforce? Check out she.WITI.com and sign up today to access opportunities just for you.

  WITI Featured Events

Driving EduTech Forward in 2022!
December 1, 2022
11:00AM - 12:00PM PDT / 2:00PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Join us to hear about the amazing work Education Technology professionals in Africa are doing to disrupt the Education Sector in order tob meet the UN SDGs and AU 2063 goals. This event occurs the first Thursday of every month.

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