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"Executive Travel Safety & Personal Security"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
8:30am - 5:00pm

Global Security Group is pleased to present "Executive Travel Safety & Personal Security", a seminar detailing the measures that must be taken to ensure the safety of America's executives and corporate employees as they operate in the global marketplace.

The current world political situation has made doing business a great deal harder and certainly more dangerous. Business travelers need to be taught the basic security techniques familiar to government operatives but little known in the corporate world.

Presented by David S. Katz, former US Federal Agent and President & CEO of Global Security Group, this seminar will cover all aspects of personal and travel security including:

Awareness Training/Target Recognition
Counter-surveillance Technique
Airline Travel Safety
Hotel and Room Selection
Vehicle Safety & Selection of Rental Cars
Principles of Route Selection
Local Criminal Threats
Avoiding Predictable Patterns of Behavior
Personal Protective Equipment
Crimes Against Women
Mitigating Kidnap Risks
Surviving a Hijacking
Commercial Espionage/Protecting IP
Corporate Liability Issues

This comprehensive one-day seminar offers practical solutions for enhancing personal security and preventing harm to staff, property and information assets. A continental breakfast and buffet lunch will be served. Training materials will be provided and group discounts are available. This program is suited to both the corporate traveler and security professional. Ask about our in-house training programs as well.
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About Our Speaker(s)

About David S. Katz
David S. Katz is an internationally recognized security and investigative expert and is the founder of Global Security Group, Inc. A former senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), he is an expert in conducting complex international conspiracy investigations, high-risk arrests, small unit tactics, defensive tactics, undercover operations, physical and technical surveillance, physical security systems and intelligence analysis. Former Special Agent Katz is a federally certified firearms and tactical instructor who also spent four years as a Primary Firearms Instructor at the FBI/DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia. During that posting, he taught firearms and tactics to several thousand federal agents, state and local law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, military personnel and foreign military and law enforcement counterparts. Former Special Agent Katz is a recognized authority in law enforcement arrest tactics and has provided training to police units and tactical teams around the world.
Former Special Agent Katz was also the DEA liaison to the Israeli Secret Service, developing a cooperative relationship with their field agents and training staff. In August of 2000, he provided advanced tactical firearms training to Israeli General Security Agency (Shin Bet) instructors in Israel and provided firearms and tactical training to the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Agents and U.S. Marines guarding the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. Mr. Katz was also invited to observe and participate in training given to Shin Bet security officers, El Al airline security agents, and operators from elite Israeli counter-terror units.

Mr. Katz also had the privilege of providing weapons and tactical training to dozens of highly regarded tactical units and specialized teams including, among many, the New York City Police Department Emergency Services Unit and the Marine detail assigned to HMX-1, the President's official helicopter.

Mr. Katz was also a leading federal law enforcement expert in the design, use and testing of body armor and protective equipment and implemented the first comprehensive body armor testing program in the history of the DEA. He is an expert on the tactical use and deployment of bullet and explosive-resistant armor and glass and has written several articles about the testing and selection of soft and hard body armor.

Mr. Katz' unique skills and background have made him a highly sought after security consultant. He has prepared the risk/threat/vulnerability assessments and created the Emergency Response Protocols for many of the most prestigious commercial properties in New York City and throughout the United States. His investigative expertise has also found great demand in the private sector and he has conducted and supervised many high profile investigations for numerous commercial clients and internationally recognized law firms.

Mr. Katz has lectured throughout the world and has taught executives from some of the largest multi-national companies how to enhance their level of personal security while traveling abroad on business. He has also provided instruction to the executive protection details of CEOs for some of the world's leading corporations. He is the co-author of Executive's Guide to Personal Security (Wiley & Sons, Inc.), the author of "Personal Safety While Traveling Abroad on Business" (Loss Prevention Magazine September-October 2003) and is frequently asked to speak on nationally broadcast television and radio programs.

Mr. Katz holds a degree of Law from Hofstra University Law School.

Event Date and Venue

This event will be held from 8:30am - 5:00pm on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at:

    Real Estate Board of New York Training Room
    570 Lexington Avenue
    New York, New York 10022

Pre-registration for this event is closed and on-site registrations will not be accepted.

Contact Us

For more info regarding registration or event details, please contact David Katz ([email protected]).

For more details about pre-registration, contact Tech Support.