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Marti Evans

Digitization Thought Leader | Sales Performance & Executive Coach, Leap Dialogues, Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

As a woman entering the technical and industrial world in the 80's, I have had the privilege of breaking more than one glass ceiling along the path from HP to IBM, Microsoft, SAP and small software start-ups. The path has been always exciting, challenging and filled with more learning than I could ever imagine. To this day, I am a true techno-geek, with my friends and family calling me 'gadget-girl'. However, there is much work to be done and my work, my story, to help other women advance professionally is not finished. I believe the pace of convergence of IT and 'the business' has never been greater and understanding 'the business' and the challenges presented by the 'human factor' is an absolute requirement for success as a technology professional…..and having a good Coach is essential. My Coaching practice centers on Executive Coaching and Sales Performance Coaching. I also have a lighter touch approach for young professionals. Experience: -Professional Coach -Industry Expertise


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