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Parna Sarkar-Basu

Twomentor and WITI to offer companies innovative programs to drive employee retention and foster gender inclusivity

Twomentor founder to emcee at WITI's 25th Women in Technology Summit

SAN JOSE, CA, June 10, 2019 - Twomentor, a training and development company, today announced it is partnering with WITI (Women in Technology International) to offer innovative and sustainable programs to WITI's corporate members. This collaboration is designed to empower corporate partners with a breadth of mentoring options to boost recruitment, employee engagement and retention, globally. In addition, the company announced its Founder and CEO Julie Kantor will serve as the Master of Ceremonies at WITI's 25th Women in Technology Summit, June 9-11, 2019.

"Over the past 30 years WITI has been the go-to-organization for women in technology looking to advance their career and grow their community," said Carolyn Leighton, CEO and founder, WITI. "This new collaboration will allow our corporate partners to take advantage of Twomentor’s unique mentoring programs and help drive employee retention and inclusivity."

According to Association of Talent development report, 75 percent of executives believe mentoring was key to their success, and a Deloitte study showed more than 75 percent of the millennials consider having a mentor crucial to their professional growth. A Wharton-Gartner report found mentors got promoted six times more, mentees five time more and that the retention rate for both was 20 percent higher. Reports also reveal mentoring helps develop and retain new employees and allows current employees to thrive, saving companies up to 300 percent the cost of filling each position.

Twomentor’s unique Mentor Roadtrip Flash Mentoring is a hands-on, facilitated session that takes participants on a mentoring journey. This dynamic 60 to 90-minute workshop boosts conferences and sends a message of clarity around the business case and value proposition for mentorship as a driver of employee engagement and retention. Twomentor also offers this service to employee resource groups and associations that want to launch strategic mentoring and recruitment initiatives.

"Our goal is to help create a multi-generational and gender inclusive workforce where businesses benefit from more engaged employees," said Julie Kantor, CEO and founder, Twomentor. "By partnering with WITI, we can help companies build sustainable mentoring initiatives and further elevate women and diversity in corporate America."

Kantor will serve as an emcee at the Women in Technology Summit and deliver The Mentor Roadtrip Flash Mentoring experience on June 11 at 8:30 am PDT to engage the attendees and help support each other professionally.

About Twomentor

Twomentor, LLC is a high impact training and development company focused on talent strategies for a diverse workforce. It creates customized corporate mentoring initiatives as an extended part the team, offers mentor training and runs dynamic flash mentoring sessions globally. Twomentor works with Fortune 500 Companies, mid-size businesses, education institutions, associations, and nonprofit organizations. To learn more, please visit:

About WITI

Founded in 1989 by Carolyn Leighton, WITI (Women in Technology International) is a leading worldwide authority on women in business and technology. For nearly 30 years, WITI has consistently been a clear voice advocating women’s contributions to the tech industry, inspiring them to pursue STEM careers and actively working with corporate partners to create a culture of equality. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.