Carmen Marsh

  • CEO and Managing Partner

  • Inteligenca Inc.

Carmen Marsh is the CEO and Managing Partner of Inteligenca Inc., a boutique management consulting company in California focusing on helping clients unlock their potential with executive coaching and rethinking their business strategies.

Among other professional services, Inteligenca's team helps companies with Cyber Risk Managed Services, preparation for certifications like SOC 2, and ISO 27001, including the implementation of successful PMO and Agile Transformations.

Carmen is also heavily engaged in events with influential cybersecurity experts to attract more women into cybersecurity careers. Inteligenca is partnering with KAI Partners to bring the Include Cybersecurity Event to Sacramento Valley on June 14th. This event focuses on #inclusion and #diversity in cybersecurity careers and presents an opportunity for anyone interested in cybersecurity to learn firsthand from the experts what it takes to succeed.

Inteligenca is also presenting at PMI, COO, and PMO (Project Management) Forum, and has regularly scheduled workshops on mindful leadership�""Lead Mindfully"�"and mindful PMO.