Michelle Bazargan CEO, Founder Align Innovations

My family and I escaped a revolutionary war and came to the United States with one bag and $500 in our pockets.

The real trauma and struggle had just started as we started over, speaking little English, learned a new culture and system. This built a foundation of perseverance, resiliency, and gratitude; it enabled me to build a tech company that was sold.

I have a natural entrepreneurial thought process, to explore the possibilities, and find a better way. I believe passion fuels any dream or goal. If I can impact just 1% of the people around me, and make a difference in this lifetime, then I have met my purpose.

I believe complexity and perfection is the enemy of execution and innovation. I love inspiring teams and leaders to think differently and create the future by getting past conventional ways of doing things. I believe that leadership and mentoring is the foundation to create the TRUE culture of an organization.

My diverse and strategic experience spans various leadership roles at both start-ups and complex enterprise organizations, from leading strategy and innovation to executing and delivering multi-million-dollar programs.

As a leader, I thrive on bringing people together and empowering and mentoring to get things done. With a commitment to inspiring, spoke at Ted on the “The Value of Deep Human Connection”, and various other events, schools, coding camps and shark tanks to encourage careers in STEM.

Content contributor for Forbes Council, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Women Technology I supported myself through school while building a business, and from my perspective grassroots education is the most crucial.

As an avid athlete, devoted to health and fitness, I believe health and athleticism is your foundation and teaches you to set a vision, strategy, execute pivot, and learn.

Coupling my passions for sports, fitness, innovation, and giving, I also developed an online wellness program to connect the community and inspire getting better every day.