Rajkumari Neogy

  • Principal

  • Disruptive Diversity

Rajkumari Neogy is the creator of the Disruptive Diversity framework and the author of The WIT Factor: Shifting the Workplace Paradigm by Becoming Your Optimal Self.

S/he is fascinated by workplace culture and team dynamics, especially in the tech arena. S/he believes that every individual brings a superpower that often isn't fully unlocked. S/he provides expertise in team culture cohesion, inclusivity & belonging, leadership development and organizational epigenetics.

Hir unique framework culminates from 6 powerful methodologies that facilitates change within organizations swiftly, sustainably and permanently. S/he weaves humour and vulnerability into science and psychology to tell the powerful story of our basic human need to belong, especially at the workplace.

Over the last 20 years, s/he has worked with organizations worldwide, including Salesforce, Twilio, Google, Ever AI, Trumaker, Walt Disney Animation Studios, HopSkipDrive, Wells Fargo, Shuddle, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Sony, Adobe, JVC and Amazon. In 2013 s/he founded iRestart to address issues of team dysfunction, imposter syndrome, and feelings of exclusion.