Social Media is Everywhere. Is Your Company at Risk?

Today’s always-connected employee has ushered in new threats and new opportunities for companies. Ones that demand a specific and intentional solution. The STARR Method™ All Employee Certification Program provides turn-key, step-by-step guidance to help companies ensure all employees from executives to engineers to receptionists are trained to mitigate risks, avoid common land mines and PR nightmares as well as learn opportunities for positive engagement and advocacy through training, certification, and support.

For companies, the program offers peace of mind. For employees, the program gives guidelines, training and policy for personal and professional use of social media. Through a two hour training program, an online test and certification, STARR Method allows both companies and employees to safely navigate in the 21st century digital world.

About The STARR Method Program

  • Taught by experienced and recognized social media leaders with experience across a large variety of markets and industries, including publicly traded
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Utilizes self-paced online learning technology for maximum flexibility
  • Cutting-edge curriculum
  • Provides process to ensure all employees are trained and certified for social media safety for the company, the brand and the employee

Company Benefits

  • Safeguard to protect organization from potential legal and public relations issues
  • A shared understanding of risks, opportunities and expectations among employees
  • Credibility of training presented by recognized social marketing leaders
  • Web-based, interactive environment with high session time and engagement potential
  • Multiple levels and opportunities for participation
  • Flexible time frame and location

Sample Program Topics

  • How social media has changed the landscape for employees and their companies
  • How employees can be advocate for the company
  • The 5 Rules for Employee’s Social Media for Success
  • How to be professionally fluent in social media

About The STARR Method Team

Gretchen Fox


Gretchen Fox is a recognized executive and thought leader in social marketing. Fox provides a social vision and strategy for startups and Fortune 500 brands striving to take social to the next level. Prior to launching [made to order], she served as Vice President of Social at Live Nation Entertainment, the world's leading live entertainment company where she trained and guided hundreds of marketers across North America.

Before joining Live Nation, Fox launched one of the first Social TV products to deliver interactive and live streaming experiences at NASPERS R&D project and Silicon Valley start-up, MediaZone. In this role, she managed online marketing for some of the world's biggest sport properties including: AELTC's Wimbledon Championships, IndyCar Race Control, Rugby World Cup, ING New York City Marathon, and NBC's Winter Olympics.

Her work has earned her the Billboard Magazine Top Women in Social, regular press coverage, and a role as contributing writer for Forbes online.