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Caution: Game-Changing Business Models Ahead

Thursday, November 29, 2012
5 - 6:30 PM

WITI Australia, in collaboration with the Amplify team from AMP Australia, invite you to a mind-bending talk on Thursday 29th November. Join us and the Amplify team for an engaging evening with Mark that includes food, drinks, and outstanding networking opportunities.

Silicon Valley is transforming from the high-tech capital of the world to the industry-disrupting capital of the world. Its game-changing business model innovations are leaving no industry untouched

Look no further than

- what Apple and Google did to mobile handsets ($70B revenue);
- what iTunes did to music ($13B revenue);
- what Netflix has done to both the movie and cable industries ($4B revenue);
- what Google and Facebook have done to Advertising ($40B revenue),
- what what Google's driver-less car will be doing to the transportation industry, and
- what Google Wallet and Twitter's Square will be doing to financial services.

Non-tech / non-Valley companies need to think through the implications of Silicon Valley disrupting their industry; and formulate a strategy before it's too late.

About Our Speaker(s)

Mark Zawacki is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Silicon Valley-based Milestone Group.

Milestone Group has worked with more than 200+ tech, media and telco (TMT) clients globally on a myriad of growth and revenue-related initiatives including top-line revenue growth, strategy, innovation, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering and international expansion. Mark was also a speaker at AMP's 2011Amplify Festival on the Future of Mobile.

Event Date and Venue

This event will be held from 5 - 6:30 PM on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at:

    AMP Level 25
    33 Alfred Street
    Sydney, Australia NSW 2000

Pre-registration for this event is closed and on-site registrations will not be accepted.

About Our Sponsor(s)

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For more info regarding registration or event details, please contact Dina Sarti ([email protected]).

For more details about pre-registration, contact Tech Support.