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Avoiding Unintended Consequences

Presenter: Amanda O’Neill

Have you ever rolled out a new product or service? Implemented a new policy? Designed and communicated a new sales commission strategy? Did it go according to plan or were there elements that surprised you?

Join us as we explore examples of decisions that resulted in unforeseen benefits or unintended consequences. Amanda O'Neill, Director of Sales Operations at AT&T's Emerging Business Markets, will then walk you through a few simple steps to enhance your decision making skills and avoid any surprises!

Amanda O'Neill is currently Director of Sales Operations in AT&T's Emerging Business Markets, responsible for managing the Inside Sales team that on-boards and activates customers, as well as enables long-term sustainability through inside sales support. In this capacity, her team also supports the program's Channel Account Managers. The Sales Operations team is focused on process improvement, development, and implementation, in coordination with Pricing, Strategy and Operations.

Prior to her current role, Amanda served as the Lead Chief of Staff for Brooks McCorcle, President of Emerging Business Markets. In this role, she led internal communications efforts and coordinated operational reviews, executive briefings, channel conferences, speaking engagements and results reporting. She also led the design and construction of a significant expansion project at AT&T Plano Foundry.

In 5 years with AT&T, Amanda has also managed operations teams, third parties and global projects in AT&T Network Operations.