Virtual Events

The Power of Personal Branding for Professional Success

Presenter: Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A.

Branding isn't just for businesses anymore. Your personal presence (the brand called YOU!) is becoming one of the most critical marketing assets to grow your career and to support your organizational growth. In this webinar, marketing expert Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A. will show you how to manage your personal brand to elevate both your personal and company's marketing efforts. She will:

- Lead you thorough a success formula to define, refine and grow your personal brand.

- Teach you how to use the power of online marketing as you grab the reins of your brand identity.

- Give you tips on how to develop authority, create content, establish personal style and maintain consistency.

With the right personal branding strategy, you can achieve a competitive edge and reach a larger audience.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A. is an author, speaker, educator and the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, Inc., a marketing agency and training company. She is the author of The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course to Online Marketing and several courses in the video training library. She teaches workshops on-site at corporations and also through UC Berkeley Extension, and universities hire her to write curriculum for online marketing courses. Lorrie speaks nationally at conferences and gives motivational keynotes. She has been featured in the media as a marketing expert in publications including INC. Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and SUCCESS Magazine. Ross is staging a peaceful markEDing® revolution (that is not a typo, that is marketing with an educational focus) to help retrain the way we think about and approach marketing. When she is not geeking out on marketing, Lorrie unplugs to recharge, preferably with family and friends over a great meal (wine and dessert required!). You can find out more at