Why Business Needs Feminine Leadership

Presenter: Monique Svazlian, Feminine Leadership Expert & Executive Coach

In this webinar, you will learn:

- The top 3 leadership challenges are that are keeping women from climbing to the top
- Why closing the gender gap is the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century
- Research & data that support the need of women & men who lead to use collaborative leadership skills
- The 7 Attributes of Feminine Leadership you can leverage that will help you become confident, influential, and effective in any business environment

Studies show that women are better liked, more effective and can improve organizational performance when they embody a more feminine style of leadership, by leveraging qualities such as empathy, collaboration and long-term thinking. According to a recent global survey, 66% of respondents preferred leaders who exhibited feminine leadership traits. It's time that we revolutionize women's leadership training and offer a model of leadership more fully aligned with women's natural gifts & talents.

Monique Svazlian is the Founder of Highest Path Consulting, specializing in executive coaching, training, and events such as the Women & Power Leadership Forum, with the purpose of forming supportive communities of women, closing the gender gap and guiding women to embrace their feminine strengths & capacities to be able to foster innovation and collaboration in the 21st century workplace.

During her time working in the corporate world, one of the challenges she faced was to produce a 10,000 person conference for eBay, which allowed her to step into her leadership to gain unique insight into the challenges women face in business today. Monique's work is inspired by her vision of a world where women hold 50% of the world's top leadership positions.

She is a writer for the Huffington Post on women's leadership issues, and her upcoming book, the Art of Feminine Leadership: 7 Superpowers for Women Who Want to Climb to the Top & Change the World will be out in 2015.

You can learn more at: www.highestpath.com