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The MBA Experience: Purposeful Disruption for Personal Growth, Professional Advancement, and Organizational Transformation

Presenter: Bridgette Chambers

Every day you are faced with challenges and opportunities that beckon you to optimize, remediate, grow, cut, or innovate. In this webinar, change agent Bridgette Chambers explores how the MBA experience generates the kind of purposeful disruption necessary to achieve personal growth, professional advancement, and organizational transformation. Through her personal experience, Chambers gained the ability and confidence to guide a team to success-rather than just managing the team's tasks. "This powerful insight has helped me build strong teams of experts capable of solving complex problems, creating a culture of innovation, aligning operations to a corporate vision, and growing a company's bottom line."

Bridgette Chambers, a graduate of Texas A&M University's Mays Business School, is a skilled growth strategist and change management expert. Having served at the helm of numerous technology and management consultancy organizations, she has a 20-year track record of success. Technology sector executive leadership is her forté.

At Nite Group, she works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve significant operational, financial and programmatic transformations. She brings to Nite Group an experience of business transformation achieved through her ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends; articulate a focused, priority-driven vision; and align capital, people, systems, and resources to deliver measurable return on investment.