Learning To Use Power Questions

Presenter: Andrew Sobel, coauthor of Power Questions as well as seven other acclaimed books on professional relationships

Join relationship authority and bestselling author Andrew Sobel for an intensive, one-hour webinar on how to use powerful questions to build relationships, engage others, and persuade more effectively. If you work with clients and customers, lead a team, or would like to improve your professional and personal relationships, this webinar will give you the tools you need to succeed. You'll learn:

- What distinguishes a power question from an ordinary question
- Questions that will help you connect with and engage people you've just met
- How to formulate "credibility-building" questions to indirectly (and impressively) establish your expertise and experience
- Questions that will uncover the other person's most important priorities and needs
- How to use questions to reframe the problem and the solution and create a broader canvas for the conversation
- Questions that you should never ask

Andrew is the co-author of the international bestseller Power Questions, which has been translated into 16 languages. His other books include the ground-breaking Clients for Life and the award-winning All For One. Andrew helps companies and individuals develop clients for life and build the professional relationships that are critical to their success. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Harvard Business Review, USA Today, and dozens of other publications. He has been featured on Fox News, CNN, and ABC News. His clients include Citigroup, Xerox, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, Booz Allen Hamilton, Towers Watson, and other leading companies. Andrew was a Senior Vice President and Country Chief Executive for Gemini Consulting, and for the last 19 years has led his own international consulting firm. He has been married for 32 years and has three children.