Virtual Events

ROI's - Return on Investment & Ripple of Impact

Presenter: Annette Mason

"ROI's" - What does an ROI mean to you as a leader in business? As an individual wanting to make a difference? Or as an organizational leader that cares both about achieving your business goals and leading your team of people to contribute and feel accomplished in the work that they do? It is no accident that when you align the organizational goals with meaningful work that you beat the odds of today's corporations with only 30% engagement. In this webinar, you will learn what you can do to impact your ROI on two fronts:

- Return on Investment AND
- Ripple of Impact

Annette will address the fundamentals of the traditional ROI and elaborate on Ripple of Impact so that you and your team feel true meaning in how you spend your days, weeks and years in your career. The more meaning you feel in your daily activities, the more upward spiral you create for yourself. And that is contagious. Unfortunately the corollary is true too. The more you spend your last ounce of energy with draining work and arrive home drained, your home life is influenced too.

More meaning => More energy and excitement => Interesting contributions to your Life (Personal or Work)

Annette will discuss:

- The importance of understanding ROI from an economic standpoint
- The significance of quality of life and how ROI, Ripple of Impact, can provide you and those you most care about a quality of life worth living today, not waiting until the "someday maybe..." or "when things slow down, I will..."
- How to do this for yourself
- How to share with your team, empowering without having to be the task master
- Some simple frameworks and exercises to free yourself up to genuinely create value in your career and personal life. Bust the Myth that, "I have to wait for my CEO or Division Manager to create an aligned, meaningful environment for me and my team."

Annette Mason is an entrepreneur, speaker and book contributor. A former corporate executive, Annette founded Trilogy Design Works with the mission to build creative, safe environments for people and their organizations to innovatively grow and prosper.

Annette is passionate about creating value in both organizations and for individuals. The equation for creating value has both economic and quality of life implications; it is never too soon to recognize that. It is also never too late to gain that perspective and take appropriate action. She takes great pride when her clients, friends and family say, "We are successful and happier because of what you have shared with us."

Annette received a Masters of Science in Systems Management from University of Southern California, a Bachelors of Arts from Stephens College, Columbia Missouri and is presently pursuing a Masters of Science in Executive Leadership from University of San Diego (May 2016.)