Power Trip: Tools for Maximizing Your Personal Power At Work (tm)

Presenter: Dr. Miriam Reiss

Men aren't the only ones with power tools. Women have power tools too but are sometimes unaware of them and how to use them effectively. Women with introverted personality styles are more likely to underuse their power tools, resulting in getting overlooked at work and missing key opportunities. So, how can you bring out your power tools and use them to your professional advantage?

This webinar will:

- Detail women's recognition and use of power tools, and how this impacts work performance
- Consider how personality style is dynamically interwoven with women's power tools
- Explore the role of personal foundation in power tool effectiveness

Through this perspective and observational lens, you may discover tools that you have been hiding from yourself and/or downplaying with others, and the impact of these choices. Successful use of power tools can create a recognizable, ripple effect leading to a stronger, more fulfilling career.

Dr. Miriam Reiss, business, career and life coach, helps professional women reboot from self-hindering to self-confident, by custom rewriting their internal code. Miriam's coaching clients have included women in technology at companies including Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks. A regular presenter at WITI webinars and the WITI Annual Summit, Miriam is a Master Certified Coach, the International Coach Federation's expert ranking. Miriam is co-author of the book, "Branding & Marketing Mastery," and is writing a book on self-esteem. Miriam holds graduate degrees from Peace Theological Seminary, Cornell and Columbia Universities, and the University of Santa Monica. She is trained in business strategy, soul-centered professional coaching, spiritual science and spiritual psychology. Miriam can be reached at [email protected]