Nice Girls Don’t... Brag

Presenter: Renee Weisman

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. You jumped through hoops to complete a major project and didn't get the credit you deserved.

2. You believed you were clearly in line for a job opportunity but didn't get it.

3. Your work was presented at a meeting by your boss and you weren't even invited.

You will never get the opportunities, promotions, or other recognition you deserve unless people know about the good work you do. In short you need to brag. But for most people, especially women, brag is a four letter word. It IS possible to let others know how great you are without being pushy, arrogant or obnoxious and this session will show you how.

Renee Weisman, owner of Winning at Work Consulting, is the author of three books, "Winning in a Man's World," "5 Ways to Get a Man to Listen," and "7 Steps to Bragging the Right Way." Renee was a Distinguished Engineer and Director of Engineering at IBM Corporation prior to retiring. A featured writer for numerous online magazines and newspapers, Renee provides training at Fortune 500 companies, smaller firms, universities and professional societies on how men and women can work together more productively. Having been one of the first women engineers, managers, and executives in the heavily male dominated semiconductor engineering field, she learned by "living it" how to achieve career and business success and now teaches others to do the same.