Virtual Events

Five Key Strategies for Getting What You Want in Your Career

Presenter: Lisa Gates

As women, we know we need to build more competence and confidence in negotiation and everyday problem-solving. Yet most of the research on women and negotiation (and the resulting advice hurled our way) angles toward what women need to do to tiptoe through the minefield of gender expectations, and all manner of macro- and micro-inequities we experience.

But what if we really don't have to tiptoe and turn ourselves inside out to avoid backlash?

What if we could get the workplace to conform to us?

In this webinar, Lisa Gates, co-founder of She Negotiates, will discuss the five key strategies for getting what you want in your career, while not changing a single thing about who you are, and addressing the age-old double binds like:

- Be strong, but don't be bossy
- Say yes to everything, but don't be a doormat
- Be powerful, but be deferential

Yes, those double binds. Let's change the conversation...

Lisa Gates is a negotiation consultant and executive coach who knows how to bridge the gap between self-worth and net worth. As co-founder of She Negotiates, she delivers her company's signature courses, Strategic Conversations and Career Oxygen, both onsite and online. Lisa is the author of four video courses available online at, including Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Fundamentals, Conflict Resolution Fundamentals and Coaching and Developing Employees. She has been a frequent contributor to Forbes Woman, The Daily Muse, and LinkedIn, and the work of She Negotiates has been featured on NPR, CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, More Magazine, and Real Simple, among others.