Virtual Events

Why Women Need to Lead

Presenter: Will Marré

Women love technology but frequently hate the technology companies they work for - that's the conclusion of multiple research surveys recently published in the Harvard Business Review and on Brand companies like Facebook, Apple, Intel and Google can't seem to raise the percentage of women in their technical workforce above 20% due to the river of women leaving after 10 to 15 years of fighting gender bias, unfriendly policies, lack of leadership opportunities and women-hostile cultures. How can we change this?

Having more women leaders is a proven competitive advantage and the continuing female-talent exodus is a serious threat to the growth and prosperity of tech companies. New research from McKinsey and Company, Accenture, and MIT confirm that women's thinking, versatility and social intelligence gives them leadership advantages desperately needed in complex, collaborative working environments. This isn't just a theory - a woman's thinking patterns improve customer-valued innovations (growth) and lean execution (profit). MIT's research is based on 156 trials of teams working to solve complex problems and the teams with the most women got the best results.

The proven way that women increase their leadership power is to adopt the 5 strategies of SMART Power Leadership to overcome the hard power, hypercompetitive culture bias that is rampant in technology companies today. In this webinar, Will Marré will show you:

1. How to get opportunities to lead by developing a compelling leadership agenda that amplifies your credibility.

2. How to increase your influence and make persuasive presentations to a skeptical audience.

3. How to use structured collaboration to drive decision alignment.

4. How to create high accountability without being "bitchy."

5. How to promote changes in company policies that respect, encourage and inspire women.

You do not need to "lean in" to succeed in toxic cultures. You need to "stand out," lead and change these cultures.

You may be wondering why a man would be teaching women how to lead and succeed. The reason is that Will Marré has been consulting with senior leaders in organizations for over three decades. He knows what it takes to change a culture. He knows what leadership excellence is and has helped many women get promoted to the C- suite including CEO. And perhaps the most helpful thing is that he knows what men are saying about women, when women are not in the room. Will Marré is on a mission to help more women rise into leadership positions because he believes our future depends on it.

Will Marré is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center which brought The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to millions worldwide. Today his focus is on developing Smart Power women leaders through his Smart Power Academy (SPA). The 2.5 day SPA is a research-based, leadership and career development retreat. Women learn to use the thinking tools, behavioral skills and leadership practices necessary to be effective in the new, disruptive economy ( Smart Power is based on gender synergy - how men and women can use gender-based strengths to lead and work together to multiply positive results.

Will is the author of Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner, Supercharge Your Career and Work Like a Genius and his soon to be released book Why We Need Women to Lead. Will was featured by the University of California TV (UCTV) for his online course, "Turn your Superpower into your Career." Will serves on the leadership faculty of UCSD Extension and is a former Leadership Scholar in Residence at the University of San Diego.