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How Successful Leaders Beat Self Defeat

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Presenter: Chris Makell, CEO of Spark of Brilliance

According to the Anita Borg Institute, research shows that women leave tech companies at twice the rate as men. Why? Well, 30% cite working conditions - their ability to advance and 17% organizational climate - their ability to work with a superior.

These findings align with Bain & Co's research, which highlights that within 2 years in corporate, a woman's confidence declines by 52% and her aspirations to reach top management declines by 63%. These are sobering numbers. However, we know that there ARE successful women leaders in tech who have overcome these statistics and gone on to higher levels of success, without derailing their careers or opting out. What can be learned from their experiences?

In this webinar, Chris Makell, CEO of Spark of Brilliance, will discuss how successful leaders beat self defeat by using three techniques for conquering the characteristics that lead to those "swift" departures: anger, rebellion and guilt.

You'll gain insights into what you can do to overcome or prevent derailment, i.e. self defeat:

- What to do when they don't get how you feel
- How to put on your "game face" while sitting on the bench
- When the art of listening vs. advising is the BEST leadership strategy

The challenge of leading in the face of business and life's stressors can be draining. These practical steps will be immediately useful and will place you on the path to increased confidence in your abilities and greater resilience when "stuff" gets in your way.

Chris Makell is the CEO of Spark of Brilliance. She has worked for over 25 years with individuals and groups from new hires to executive levels in multiple industries, with a target for extraordinary personal and professional effectiveness, performance and achievement.

Her corporate experience includes systems engineering, leadership positions in management, development and training, and executive placement/succession planning for a highly visible and profitable technical organization. She has traveled to India, Singapore, China and France to uplevel sales skills and technical expertise for a Fortune 20 corporation.

As a certified professional coach and master mentor to women in technology leaders, team leaders and women-led starts ups in the Austin area, she is expert in unleashing your confidence, courage and resilience as a business leader.

Her business expertise and profile have been highlighted in the Danbury News Times, San Jose Mercury News, Sacramento Bee and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Women In Business PR News, Corporation PR News, and the International Business Times.

Chris has received the Best Woman Owned Business award and is an active mentor/advisor for Dress for Success Austin, Women Communicators of Austin, and Austin Women In Technology. She is a featured speaker for the Austin Business Journal and the Executive Women in Texas Government. She is a published author of the books:

A Smack Upside The Head - Your guide to Blazing Business Success and Courage Is The New GREEN - A guide and journal for women business leaders to unleash your courage and transform the world

Chris holds a BA in Sociology from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and an MS in Business Management from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.