Machine Learning

Presenters: Mary Millar, Manager of Software Engineering for Elsevier and Alan Krull, Talent Acquisition Manager, Technology for Elsevier

Machine learning is an exciting discipline that is transforming recommendation technology. Women interested in this area have opportunities to work in many fields from search engines and natural language processing to robotics and population health.

In this webinar, Mary will give an introduction to the topic of machine learning and how it is applied by Elsevier Education for its recommender system. She will cover:

- Introduction to machine learning
- What is a recommender engine?
- Machine learning effects on recommendations
- How to get started down the machine learning path

Following Mary's presentation, Alan Krull will talk about career opportunities available within Elsevier.

Mary Millar has been working in technology for 15 years. As manager of Software Engineering for Elsevier Education, she directs the development of innovation projects. She is a member of the IMS Caliper working group, a leading standard in the data analytics industry and she teaches pilates on Saturdays.

Alan Krull is the Talent Acquisition Manager, Technology at Elsevier. He has been with Elsevier since April 2015 and in his current role, is responsible for recruiting top technology talent for multiple business units both here in the US and abroad.