Content Marketing Strategy -- Creating Content that Connects

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Presenter: Gretchen Fox

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat - keeping up with consumers is one of the biggest challenges for 21st century entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners.

While businesses have produced content since the beginning of time, the proliferation and expansion of always-on social media platforms has moved content from a seasonal quarterly advertising campaign to an all day, every day effort. The amount of social channels that need daily content and the voracious appetite of 21st century consumers, mean content is often created just for the sake of content and it lacks any relevance. This is a tremendous waste of resources and results in zero engagement. We don't run our advertising campaigns like this and we shouldn't run our social channels like this either.

The lack of strategy to ensure every piece of content is relevant to your target audiences is where many social programs fail. When social programs don't convert, the platform is often blamed rather than the content. It is possible to make every piece of content count - it simply needs to be meaningful.

Creating a content strategy based on “The Social System” vs based on guesswork will not only maximize your content, it will be the foundation for social engagement and TRUE community - the best immunization from Facebook's constant organic reach algorithm changes. This webinar will help you make sure you get the most out of every piece of content and use it to make connections that count.

Gretchen Fox is a recognized executive and thought leader in social marketing. She provides a social vision and strategy for startups and Fortune 500 brands, striving to take social to the next level. Prior to launching [made to order], she served as Vice President of Social at Live Nation Entertainment, the world's leading live entertainment company.

Before joining Live Nation, Fox launched one of the first Social TV products to deliver interactive and live streaming experiences at NASPERS R&D project and Silicon Valley start-up, MediaZone. In this role, she managed online marketing for some of the world's biggest sport properties including: AELTC's Wimbledon Championships, IndyCar Race Control, Rugby World Cup, ING New York City Marathon, and NBC's Winter Olympics.

Her work has earned her the Billboard Magazine Top Women in Social, regular press coverage, and a role as contributing writer for Forbes online.