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Presenter: Donna Ceriani

Are you realizing it would take better navigation skills and self-discipline to respond to the bigger challenges that you face on your career path? Does something seem missing that could bring you more satisfaction?

If this dialog sounds anything like your inner voice, please join other like-minded women. Together, during this highly interactive webinar, you will find yourself right at home with others who share your goals to love what you do while making meaningful contribution and having a greater impact. Like you, they're also ready to take charge of their career.

This webinar will guide you in creating your own unique Success Compass. This powerful tool can help you navigate through the puzzling maze. It can keep you on track while discovering what's motivating, inspiring, and energizing. You will learn:

5 Steps to Creating Your Own Unique Success Compass:

1 – Reveal Your Power
2 – Explore Your Passions
3 – Claim Your Personal Brand
4 – Orient Your Vision
5 – Navigate Your Path

Donna Ceriani is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant, who helps leaders in technology get their best results, navigate career choices, and create a workplace for their teams to thrive.

For more than 25 years, Ms. Ceriani has held senior leadership roles in technology across the U.S., Europe, and Asia in the financial services, health care and technology industries. She was recently the Chief People Officer for SmartBear Software, winning a 2013 "Best Place to Work" award in Boston. Prior to that, she was an Executive Director for Global Client Operations for a company owned by Thomson Reuters and the DTCC, living in Boston, NYC, and Singapore. Ms. Ceriani now brings her vast experience to support her clients on their own journey to achieve their goals. When she isn't immersed in the adventures in today's workplace, she's counting the days until her next travel adventure.