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Finding and Using a Powerful Voice

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Presenter: Bill Lamond

Don't know what to say? Want to be listened to and heard? Looking for a new direction?

Voice is the ability to communicate effectively the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you, one that gives you the power to produce extraordinary results in your own self-confidence, in your work and career, in your power to get things accomplished, and in the relationships you have in every sphere of your life.

It is important to know that Voice is also a trainable skill, one of the most trainable skills you possess, a skill that can open doors, create new ways of thinking about anything, resolve disagreements, and increase your profile and the respect you get from others.

Learn what is needed to open your own, unique Voice and use it to create brand new ideas and conversations that benefit yourself and everyone around you!

Bill Lamond has been a champion of women in leadership for more than 30 years. Mentored by a woman who is a recognized world leader, Bill speaks the Feminine language and culture fluently. He is the inventor of Fulfillment-based Thinking (FBT), the next generation after possibility thinking. FBT transforms the commitment-driven, working-harder success-at-any-cost ethic, into one that produces original, powerful results, based on increased levels of opportunity, pleasure, pure attraction, deeper relationship and the instinctive genius that every human being possesses.

Bill's clients are women who want to produce sustainable results in the style that women cherish: one of growing, developing, loving, acknowledging, sustaining and relationship. His clients have included a Tony-nominated Broadway producer, a championship bodybuilder, a founder of a national breast cancer non-profit, a nationally recognized visionary architect, thousands of women business owners, saleswomen, and executives from such leading companies as Microsoft and Google. For the last two years, he has been training women executives at Microsoft to use the power of Voice effectively to get what they want.

A recognized national speaker, Bill most recently has been a featured speaker at the Microsoft Global Women's Conference, where his talk on developing and using a powerful Voice was broadcast to the 20,000 women of Microsoft around the world. In Bill's own words,

"Voice is not a rehearsed speech. It is the ability to develop your own deepest relationship with yourself and to announce it to the world around you in ways that have magic happen for anyone listening."

His book, "Born to Lead: Unlock the Magnificence in Yourself and Others," is a practical handbook for women who want to understand and use first-class leadership skills.