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Social Media for Unicorns

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Presenter: Amanda Healy

"Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn."

There's a lot of #FakeNews today. Don't be fake news. As the term "authentic" becomes a buzzword, we need to look to unicorns for inspiration. What do unicorns do best? Being their authentic, majestic selves. This webinar will chronicle the importance of building a genuine voice and brand (personal or corporate) that traverses both the digital and physical realm seamlessly to connect with your audiences.

Amanda Healy is an award-winning marketing demand generation leader, national speaker and keynote, and social media evangelist. She currently works as a Senior Marketing Manager at TIBCO Software, driving marketing campaign strategy and execution for the company's largest business unit. She has trained world-class teams ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to leverage social media, and has spoken at industry-leading conferences including the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the Women In Technology International Summit, Microsoft Envision, Social Tools Summit, Watermark's Lead On Conference for Women, and many more. Profiled by the Washington Post, interviewed by WBZ, lauded as "Social Genius" by the Boston Social Tools Summit, and named to BostonSpeak's "24 Experts On How to Become a Great Public Speaker" list, Amanda is one to watch. Follow her at @amanda_healy or send her a note on LinkedIn via linkedin.com/in/amandahealy.