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How to Avoid ScrumButt

Presenter: Dennis Conte, CSM / CSPO / SA / PMP / CSP, SolutionsATI Consulting, Inc.

Is your Agile Scrum effort plagued by "ScrumButt"? Do you find yourself saying "We are ScrumBut," our daily stand-ups are hour-long status reports; "We are ScrumBut," our product owner adds new work in the sprint. Is the term "Fragile" used to describe your Agile Scrum process? In this webinar, you will learn how to avoid your Agile Scrum from being a ScrumButt.

Dennis Conte is a dedicated agilist with 16 years of experience providing enterprise and team level coaching for multiple multi-million dollar projects. Having worked in Silicon Valley for over 27 years, Dennis has experience with some of the most prominent companies in the High-Tech Industry. An active member of the Scrum Alliance and Agile Leadership Network, he holds multiple Agile certifications.